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Injured in Accidents Caused by Negligent Maintenance of Commercial Trucks in MO?

Commercial trucks such as semis or tractor-trailers can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds and travel at speeds of more than 70 miles per hour. It should come as no surprise, then, that truck accidents have the potential to leave victims with extremely serious physical injuries and emotional trauma that can affect a person for years. While the majority of motor vehicle accidents occur due to driver error, a substantial number happen because a driver or the owner of a vehicle failed to conduct proper vehicle maintenance. When this occurs, people who are injured or otherwise affected may be able to recover for their losses through by filing a legal claim against the person or party responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle.

Negligent Maintenance Can Take a Variety of Forms in Missouri

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 100,000 people were injured in accidents involving large trucks in 2012. Because these vehicles pose an inherent risk of injury to the general public, many aspects of operating a truck are subject to strict federal and state regulation. Among these regulations are those that apply to the maintenance of commercial vehicles. In some cases, failure to adhere to these standards may in and of itself be sufficient to hold a driver or a trucking company liable. In addition, even if there is not a regulation on-point, basic standards of negligence can still apply to hold truckers and trucking companies liable for the injuries that they cause.

  • Failure to conduct a pre-trip inspection.

  • Driving on excessively worn tires.

  • Failure to properly maintain brakes.

  • Not replacing damaged lights.

  • Improper use of the coupling device.

  • Failure to replace worn windshield wipers.

  • Not conducting regular maintenance.

  • Failure to check belts.

  • Failure to check fluid levels.

  • Failure to maintain proper records.

There are many other ways that poor truck maintenance could lead to a truck accident. By retaining a truck accident attorney in St. Louis, you can be sure that any evidence of negligence will be uncovered through a thorough investigation.

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