As with most things, there are fans and foes, pros and cons when it comes to the auto-drive car industry, with dramatic examples from 2016 of the upside and the downside. For example, a Missouri man used the Autopilot on his new Tesla Model X to reach a hospital more"..."

Self driving cars are poised to be a hugely significant technological breakthrough. If companies like Tesla, Uber, Google, and many others are to be believed, self-driving cars will usher in a new, better era of transportation which, according to these companies, will include the fact that self driving cars will"..."

Today’s motorcycle is a mechanical masterpiece in comparison to the steam powered bicycles invented in the early 1820’s.1 Over the years, inventors and engineers have improved both the safety and performance of motorcycles, but there are still inherent dangers for motorcycle riders. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety,"..."

Studies have shown that human error is a factor in about 95 percent of car crashes. That said, Mother Nature deserves at least partial blame for a lot of weather-related crashes in the St. Louis area. Flash-flooding, icy roads, and winter storms pose significant dangers to drivers. According to the"..."

Fatigued or drowsy driving is a prevalent and dangerous problem in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that annually there are over 100,000 reported accidents caused by driver fatigue which account for nearly 1,500, 71,000 injuries, and a nearly $12 billion loss.1 Combating fatigued driving begins with"..."

Weather conditions can severely impact travel and road safety by impairing a driver’s capabilities, vehicle performance, or infrastructure stability.1 For instance, precipitation such as rain, sleet, or snow can result in decreased visibility distance, pavement friction problems, lane obstructions, delayed travel time, inadequate speed limits, or inappropriate traffic signal timing.2 As a"..."

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