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Representing the Rights of People Who Sustain Back Injuries in Preventable Accidents

Back injuries have the potential to leave victims with significant medical complications that can substantially affect their quality of life. The kinds of accidents that can cause back injuries are innumerable, and the resulting injuries can vary in severity from mild to debilitating. Injuries to the back can include muscle tears, injuries to the spinal cord or column, strains, and neurological damage, among others. In the most serious cases, back injury victims may lose mobility or sensation in the entire body below the point of injury.

Back injuries that are caused by the negligence of another person often give victims the right to sue to recover compensation for the losses they incur. The kinds of damages1 that are compensable under Missouri law include:

  • past and future medical expenses
  • lost income
  • loss of quality of life
  • as well as damages for physical and emotional pain and suffering.

The back injury lawyers of The Bruning Law Firm are dedicated to helping back injury victims secure the highest possible settlement or award available based on the circumstances of their accident. To schedule a free consultation with one of our St. Louis personal injury attorneys, call our office today at (314) 898-3078.

Many Different Kinds of Accident May Lead to Back Injuries

Back injuries can occur in a variety of preventable accidents. Some of the most common include the following:

In order to successfully recover from losses after a back injury caused by an accident, victims must be able to establish that their accident was the result of negligence2. In the context of personal injury claim, negligence has a very specific legal definition, so it is important for victims to retain an attorney.

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Anyone who has sustained a back injury or any other type of injury in a preventable accident should discuss their options with an experienced back injury lawyer in St. Louis as soon as possible. Call The Bruning Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation with one of our back injury attorneys.

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When you choose an attorney to help you after an accident, it is important find someone whom you trust and who keeps your best interests in mind. At The Bruning Law Firm, our clients trust us because they have seen us fight to win their injury cases, no matter what it takes. They also know that our system of transparency and teamwork means that they’ll always know what is going on with their case and that they have a dedicated case manager who can answer their questions at any point during the process.

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