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Burns from electrocution, fire or explosions are among the most painful injuries that a human being can suffer. Survival often in doubt, victims may undergo a long sequence of hospitalization, surgeries and skin grafts over the next several years after the burn injury.

Psychologically victims experience social isolation and disfigurement. For children, this psychological trauma, can be devastating.

Causes Burn Injuries

Treatment of Burn Injury

If you suffered a burn injury in Illinois, there are several burn and trauma center that will be best suited to help you cope with your burn injuries.

  • Loyola University Medical Center
    2160 South 1st Ave.
    Maywood, Illinois 60153
    Burn Center Director: Richard Gamelli
    Burn Center Phone: (708) 216-9222
    ABA Verified Burn Center
  • SIU Regional Burn Center
    747 North Rutledge
    Springfield, Illinois 62794
    Burn Center Director: Michael Niemeister
    Burn Center Phone Number: (217) 545-7018
  • Sumner Koch Burn Center – Stroger Hospital
    1901 West Harrison Street, Ste. 3229
    Chicago, Illinois 60612
    Burn Center Director: Stathis Poulakidas
    Burn Center Direct: (312) 864-3166
  • University of Chicago Burn Center
    5841 South Maryland Ave.
    Chicago, Illinois 60637
    Burn Center Director: Lawrence Gottieb
    Burn Center Director: (773) 702-6302

Support Groups

Because of the psychological impact of burn injuries, victims may have difficulty adapting to living with their injuries. These individuals should contact a local support group to assist in their recovery. In Illinois there are several burn injury support groups that meet at Loyola University Medical Center:

Links of Hope (Burn Support Group)
This group is designed for burn survivors and their families. The meetings will have open discussion and social activities.

Meeting Times:
Every second Tuesday (even numbered months) from 6:30-8:30 p.m.; The Burn Unit Conference Room.
Contact Person: Barry Bennett
Contact Phone: (708) 216-8739

Burn Support Group
Many former Loyola burn patients volunteer and are trained to offer their assistance in providing burn patients and their families support, education and access to resources.

Meeting Times:
This service is available at the burn clinic Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday of each week at Loyola University Hospital, room #1175.
Contact Person: Barry Bennett
Contact Phone: (708) 216-8739

Burn Family Support Group
Burn patients and their families are welcome. The group will have open discussion and educational information.

Meeting Times:
Every Thursday at 1:30 p.m.; Foster G. McGaw Burn Unit.
Contact Person: Barry Bennett
Contact Phone: (708) 216-8739

Illinois Burn Injury Attorney

At The Bruning Law Firm, we are more than just legal advocates for our burn injury clients. We monitor legislation that aimed at reducing burn injuries, we support local and national burn support groups, and we teach burn injury law to other attorneys across the region, with the hope that all victims will receive the quality legal representation that they deserve. At the The Bruning Law Firm, we are committed to not only winning the case, but also improving the quality of life for our burn injury clients. If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury and need legal assistance, call Illinois Burn Injury Lawyer Tony Bruning for a free consultation at (314) 898-3078.

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