What Causes a Burn?

Extreme Heat – Extreme heat, such as flames, hot liquids, hot metal, flash explosions and the sun’s radiation can cause burn injuries.

Chemicals – Many popular and industrial chemicals, such as acid, lye and bleach, can cause burn injuries.

Electricity – direct or indirect contact with electricity may cause burns to skin as well as damage to internal organs.

Respiratory Burns – Inhalation burns, classified as Grade I through IV, can be caused by thermal or chemical exposure.

What to Do When a Burn Injury Occurs.

When a burn occurs remove the source of heat. If your clothes are on fire, smother the flames. Stop, Drop, and Roll. Immediately remove all burned clothing which may retain heat and cause deeper injuries. If cloths adhere to skin, cut or tear around the adherent area. Do not run after you have removed yourself from the source of heat. Running makes the burn injury worse. Pour cool water over the burn for 10 – 15 minutes. Do not apply ointments or butter because they may lead to infections.

For minor burn injuries use antiseptic spray to relieve the pain and prevent infection. Cover burned areas with a clean dry dressing. Wash with soap and water and change dressing daily. If a burn drains excessively or has a foul odor go to the emergency room.

For larger or deeper burns, cool the area with water and go to the emergency room – preferably at a hospital with a burn unit.

To assist a victim of an electrical burn, do not touch the victim until he or she is no longer in contact with the source of electricity. Dial 911 immediately for emergency assistance.

For all burns, remove jewelry, belts and tight clothing from the burned area. Swelling may start immediately.

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