What is a Rollover Accident? St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers Rollover accidents are among the most dangerous type of vehicular crashes. They account for the highest fatality rate with more than 10,000 people killed every year in a rollover accident.1 When a vehicle turns over on its roof or side"..."

According to Distraction.gov,1 texting is one of the most dangerous types of driving distractions because it causes manual (hands off the wheel), visual (eyes off the road), and cognitive (mind off the task of driving) distractions all at the same time. Texting has even been noted as more dangerous than"..."

Distracted drivers cause accidents when they do not look carefully at the road and traffic or they look but do not pay attention. Driver distraction may be the leading cause of car crashes. Some of the reasons for distraction are common. Regardless of the reason for distraction, drivers are always"..."

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