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When you purchase a product, whether you have just purchased it for the first time or you have used it many times in the past, you expect it will perform as intended, and not pose a danger to you and your family. While most of the time this is true, products also often go haywire, leading to serious injuries. You may have a medical device that ends up causing worse problems for your health than the ones it was intended to help with, or an electronic home product that explodes and causes severe burns.

If you suffered serious injuries due to a defective product, you may have grounds for a product liability claim. Call the St. Louis product liability attorneys at The Bruning Law Firm today to learn more about your right to compensation. In the meantime, read on for more information about our firm, product liability claims, and how to recover compensation if a defective product injured you.

The Bruning Law Firm: Helping St. Louis Residents Manage Product Liability Claims

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At The Bruning Law Firm, our experienced product liability attorneys have extensive experience helping our clients manage a wide range of cases, including several cases that involved product liability claims.

Our past results speak for themselves:

  • $50 million for a family after a defective smoke detector failed to warn them about a fire, tragically resulting in the deaths of two children
  • $2.9 million for a family whose defective computer power cord started a house fire, also leading to the deaths of two children
  • $2.5 million for a driver who was seriously injured when a faulty airbag failed to deploy
  • $2.41 million in a case where a defective insulation product caused a warehouse fire
  • $600,000 in a case where a defective coffee maker caused a house fire. The case resulted in the recall of over 7 million coffee makers.

Our attorneys cannot guarantee the results of your St. Louis product liability claim, since the compensation you can recover depends on the unique facts of your case, including the nature of the product defect, the injuries it caused, and the expenses and impacts it has had on your life. However, our experienced product liability attorneys can deliver valuable services to help maximize the amount of compensation you can recover in your product liability claim.

We help our product liability clients understand the full compensation they deserve.

Products don’t just malfunction and cause serious injuries sometimes, or are something people should just expect. If you exercised due diligence to ensure your family’s safety and only used the product as intended, and the product failed to work, resulting in serious injury, you should be compensated. We help our product liability clients understand their right to compensation, including whom they can hold responsible and the expenses and impacts they can claim in their compensation demand.

We provide our clients with assistance at every stage of their product liability claims.

At The Bruning Law Firm, we are there every step of the way to help our clients feel supported as they move through the product liability claim process. From the earliest stages of a product liability claim, you can encounter stressful challenges, such as having to contend with insurance companies, who will probe and level a litany of questions at you about your claim to determine whether they can deny or minimize the amount they payout. We help support you, from dealing with the insurance company on your behalf to providing the answers to any questions you might have about your claim or your legal rights if the insurance company refuses to deal fairly with you.

We help our product liability clients maximize the compensation they recover.

Whether you can settle out of court and need help negotiating with the insurance company, or you need to file a lawsuit in court to get the fair compensation you deserve for your injuries, The Bruning Law Firm can help.

We know the art of negotiating with insurance companies, and the know-how to hold their feet to the fire in court if they refuse to deal reasonably. Having an attorney on your side tends to send a message to big corporations and their insurance companies that you are taking your claim seriously and will fight for the compensation you deserve, which may in and of itself increase the compensation they offer.

Other times, you may need help putting together a complete case to present in court and get a judge to order the defendants to pay for your damages. For this, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to guide you through the ins and outs of the complex litigation process.

Types of Product Liability Claims

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In general, product liability claims fall into one of three categories.

1. Defective Design

A product with a defective design is produced according to the manufacturer’s design—the problem is that the design itself is fundamentally flawed. That design may pose a serious danger to its users or result in a product that behaves unexpectedly, even when used according to the manufacturer’s directions. For instance, a toy manufacturer may have intentionally used metal as the material for its toy, but failed to account for the danger the sharp edges of the metal on the toy pose when children are playing with it as to be expected. Or it might have caught fire, setting your home ablaze.

2. Manufacturing Defect

The product that malfunctioned may have a solid, trustworthy design that would ensure it is safe, but if the manufacturer fails to put it together properly, it can result in serious injury for anyone who uses it. Manufacturing defects may involve malfunctions in the assembly of a product. As a result, products that go through while the manufacturer fails to address the malfunction may be weak, toxic, or otherwise dangerous. They may fail to operate—like a smoke alarm that doesn’t go off when a house catches fire.

3. Inadequate Instructions or Warnings

As part of the manufacturing process for a product, the manufacturer must provide adequate instructions on how to use that product properly and warnings designed to help protect the user and prevent unsafe usage of the product. For example, hairdryers typically come with a warning about not using the product around sources of water, since a user can be electrocuted if the hairdryer comes into contact with water. This warning helps ensure that users understand exactly how the product should work and how to use it properly to avoid serious injuries. Failure to provide those instructions and warnings, however, may result in the improper use of the product and lead to serious injury.

Recovering Compensation for a Defective Product Accident in St. Louis

If you suffered serious injuries due to a defective product in St. Louis, you may need to seek compensation through a product liability claim. St. Louis’s economy relies on industries that use products that can endanger the people who use them, including aviation, biotechnology, chemicals, and manufacturing. Many of the products used in these industries can cause serious injury to users and bystanders if a designer or manufacturer is negligent. In such cases, victims of the product defect immediately have questions about the compensation they can recover to cover the medical bills, lost wages, and other impacts they’ve experienced as a result.

A St. Louis product liability victim’s recovery will depend on variables that will determine who they look to for compensation and how much they can recover.

Who caused your injuries in a product liability accident?

Often, if you suffer injuries because of a defective product, the manufacturer is the one to blame.

However, you may also want to take a look at other parties that may have contributed to your accident.

  • The Manufacturer of Component Parts in the Product. Sometimes, the manufacturer of the main product may not have produced a particular component that malfunctioned. While the manufacturer could still be on the hook for procuring the services of the manufacturer of the part, the component manufacturer may bear the brunt of the responsibility for your injuries.
  • The Party That Assembles or Installs a Product. If the assembler or installer fails to do their work correctly, they may be to blame for your injuries. Consider, for example, a water heater that does not get installed properly or a smoke alarm system that the installer fails to hook up properly. Those products might then fail to work properly, because of the faulty installation, leading to severe injury for the party that purchased them.
  • The Retail Store That Sold the Product. Retail stores are responsible for sourcing reliable products that they are assured are safe for their customers. If the store where you purchased the product deliberately purchased knockoff products or sourced them from a disreputable manufacturer, you may have grounds for a claim against the retail store.
  • The Product Distributor. Like retailers, distributors may need to pay careful attention to where the products come from and what elements impact them and their installation. Distributors must ensure they only distribute products that have been proven safe for consumers down the line.

Any party that was negligent in producing, transporting, installing, or otherwise affecting the product in a way that caused the injury may bear liability. Thus, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and others involved with a product are likely to carry insurance policies specifically to provide compensation in the event of an incident. That insurance policy may have specific limitations, including the amount the company will pay out for injuries caused by the insured and how much the policy will pay out. How much compensation you can recover may depend on the specific limits of that policy.

How severe are your injuries?

Many product liability accident victims suffer severe injuries. The worse your injuries, the higher your medical bills are likely to be. Product liability incidents can cause many different types of injuries, depending on the type of product used and how the incident occurs.

Injuries may include:

  • Burns
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Broken bones, including multiple broken bones
  • Facial disfigurement
  • Vision loss
  • Hearing loss
  • Amputation

These injuries can cause substantial medical bills, for emergency and ongoing medical services. You may have to seek emergency care through the hospital, go through multiple surgeries or procedures to help treat your injuries, or go through extensive physical or occupational therapy to help you relearn how to function within new limitations caused by those injuries. Those medical costs often make up the largest part of the amount you claim in compensation.

Product liability defects in medical products, such as hip replacements, pacemakers, or specific medical devices, can also lead to considerable medical costs and long-term suffering. Each year, medical manufacturers recall products that hundreds or thousands of people have used. Use of those products may cause you to have to undergo additional medical procedures or cause the device to fail, leaving you with the same problems those devices should have treated in the first place, or even worse ones. The more vital the medical device, the more serious the problems associated with failure can prove—and the higher your medical expenses may become.

Did you have to miss work from the product liability incident?

A St. Louis product liability incident could cause injuries that require you to miss work. Missed work may mean that you do not have income for an indeterminate period after your accident, at a time when you need it more than ever. With your medical bills continuing to stack up, many product liability victims that are put out of work by their injuries struggle greatly to find ways to get by. The longer you remain out of work, the greater the financial challenges you may face associated with the accident and your injuries. You can include compensation for lost wages as part of your St. Louis product liability claim. Furthermore, if you lost the ability to work in your industry or position permanently because of your injuries, including injuries that may have impacted one of your senses or led to lifelong disability, you may have the right to claim compensation for lost earning potential.

How do the injuries from the damaged or defective product impact your life?

Most St. Louis product liability claims include a demand for compensation for the pain and suffering you face because of your accident. It may seem hard to assign a monetary value to the physical pain and emotional anguish associated with your injuries. At The Bruning Law Firm, however, we can help you go over the losses you have faced due to your accident, from the loss of enjoyment of life to the physical pain you faced and the way it impacted you, and help you determine how much you can demand in compensation.

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