What Are Common Injuries In Rollover Accidents?

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What is a Rollover Accident? St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers

Rollover accidents are among the most dangerous type of vehicular crashes. They account for the highest fatality rate with more than 10,000 people killed every year in a rollover accident.1 When a vehicle turns over on its roof or side the car accident is considered a rollover. The commonality of rollovers has been linked to the changing composition of vehicles on the nation’s highway which is comprised of an increased number of Sport Utility Vehicles and light weight trucks. These vehicles are more susceptible to rolling over, because they have a higher center of gravity. Rollover accidents typically involve a singular vehicle that loses control due to icy or snowy road conditions, soft road shoulders, uneven ground, collision with curbs or guardrails after a vehicle has lost traction, or hitting an obstacle while driving.

Injury Characteristics and Causes

According to the National Automotive Sampling System Database, during a rollover accident the regional body distribution of injuries normally effects five main areas: head and neck, thorax, abdomen, upper limbs, and lower limbs. The majority of rollover crash victims sustain multiple injuries throughout these regions with the head and neck being the most vulnerable area. Some of the most common rollover injuries include: traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, broken bones, and cuts, scrapes, and bruises.2 These injuries are caused from slamming into another vehicle or obstacle, impact with unsecured cargo, contact with broken glass or torn metal, or from being tossed within the vehicle or ejected from the vehicle. The long term effects of these injuries can include impairment of critical functions such as speech, vision, memory, and emotional control, partial vision loss or blindness, loss of hearing, loss of teeth or dental injury, chronic back pain, amputation to the arms or legs, and a variety of internal damages to nerves, veins, and organs.

What to Do After an Accident

The first steps after being involved in a rollover accident includes notifying the authorities and seeking medical attention. Depending on the region of the body that sustained impact, symptoms of serious injuries may not be immediately or physically apparent. Postponing medical attention may decrease the chances of discovering a life threatening injury and in fact may make your condition worse.

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