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Thousands of people are injured in car accidents every year. Many of these accidents are severe and leave victims struggling with chronic pain and permanent disability. Fortunately, those who can demonstrate that someone else’s negligence caused their crash may be able to collect compensation to cover medical expenses and their other losses.

Filing a claim can be complicated, especially if multiple vehicles were involved in the crash. Don’t try to go it alone. If you sustained an injury in a collision, it is critical to speak with an experienced Chicago car accident attorney who can ensure that your interests are protected.

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Types of Car Accidents

The severity of the injuries sustained in a car accident depends on a series of factors, including:

  • The size and number of the vehicles involved in the crash
  • The speed at which the cars were traveling prior to the collision
  • The age and general health of the passengers
  • Whether airbags properly deployed upon impact

However, one of the most important factors that dictate the severity of a car accident victim’s injuries is the type of car crash in which he or she was involved. The most common types of crashes include:

  • Multi-car pile-ups, which are perhaps the most dangerous type of car crash, as the injured occupants are forced to suffer multiple impacts from a number of different directions.
  • Rear-end collisions, which can range from minor fender benders to more serious collisions and are one of the most common types of car accidents.
  • Head-on car crashes, which are one of the most dangerous types of car accidents and tend to have especially devastating consequences.
  • Rollovers, which are especially common among top-heavy vehicles like SUVs and pose an especially high risk to injured occupants who may be trapped inside their vehicle.
  • Side impact (T-bone) collisions, which occur when the front end of one vehicle strikes another car broadside and can result in serious injuries, such as internal injuries, whiplash, and head trauma.
  • Underride accidents, which occur when a smaller passenger vehicle becomes lodged under a large commercial truck.

All of these kinds of car crashes can result in serious injuries, although certain injuries are more likely in specific kinds of crashes. For example, multi-vehicle collisions and head-on car crashes almost always leave the cars involved totaled and the occupants suffering from life-threatening injuries. Those who are involved in these types of crashes rarely escape without injury.

Rear-end collisions, on the other hand, often result in whiplash and other spine and neck-related problems, while T-bone crashes can cause victims to suffer broken ribs, dislocated or fractured shoulders, and head trauma.

Causes of Car Accidents in Chicago

Car crashes can have a variety of different causes, but they almost always involve the negligence or recklessness of at least one other party. In many cases, car crashes are the result of careless behavior such as:

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  • Distracted driving
  • Falling asleep at the wheel
  • Consuming drugs or alcohol prior to driving
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating and otherwise driving aggressively

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  • Tire blowouts or other vehicle defects
  • Violating a traffic law by ignoring traffic signals or unsafely changing lanes
  • Swerving to avoid road debris
  • Dangerous road conditions, which may include potholes, poorly designed roadways, and improperly placed signage


Most of these factors result in crashes between two vehicles. It is not uncommon, however, for an accident to be caused not by the fault of a driver, but because of a mistake made by a vehicle parts manufacturer. In these cases, it is the manufacturer, distributors, and retail sellers that could be held responsible for defects resulting from negligent design, assembly, or shipping.

Typical Injuries Suffered in Car Crashes

The severity of a car crash victim’s injuries depends on a number of factors. However, there are certain kinds of injuries that occur over and over again in car accidents regardless of the age or health of the victim. These injuries include:

  • Whiplash
  • Fractured or crushed bones
  • Abrasions and bruising
  • Lacerations
  • Spinal cord damage, which can result in either partial or total paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) ranging from minor concussions to permanent brain damage
  • Burns
  • Amputation
  • Internal injuries and bleeding

Many car accident victims also suffer from emotional trauma after being involved in a crash. This is especially true when the crash was particularly violent and could leave the injured party suffering from flashbacks, insomnia, sudden mood swings, memory problems, and anxiety in addition to the pain caused by their physical injuries. Some may even require therapy or medication to help them cope with a severe loss resulting from an accident.

The cost of these treatments, in addition to the bills associated with emergency treatment, ambulance services, diagnostic testing, surgeries, prescription medications, and physical therapy can quickly drive an injured person into debt. Paying these bills can become even more difficult when the victim’s injury prevents him or her from returning to work. Families that are supported by a single income may soon find that they are unable to cope with the financial loss, even with the help of insurance.

Footing the bill for severe injuries and property damage sustained in a car wreck is doubly frustrating when the accident was caused by the reckless or negligent conduct of someone else. Fortunately, these individuals or entities can be held liable for their actions and forced to compensate the injured parties for their losses.

Establishing Negligence in Auto Accidents

Before plaintiffs can collect damages, they must be able to demonstrate that another party was negligent, which requires evidence proving that:

  • The defendant had a duty to exercise reasonable care.
  • The defendant breached that duty.
  • The defendant’s breach caused the plaintiff to suffer an injury.

Fortunately, even when a plaintiff was partly at fault for an accident, he or she will not automatically be barred from collecting compensation. This is because Illinois is a comparative negligence state, which means that as long as a party was not more than 50 percent responsible for an accident, he or she can still recover damages. However, the amount that can be collected will be reduced by the plaintiff’s own percentage of fault in causing the crash.

When injured parties are able to establish that someone else’s negligence was the primary cause of their accident, they will be eligible to collect damages, including compensation for:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages resulting from the injured party having to miss work as a result of his or her injuries
  • Loss of future income if the injuries are so severe as to result in permanent disability or death
  • Property damage, such as vehicle repair or replacement
  • Pain and suffering endured by the victim as a result of the accident

Although collecting damages may not return an injured party to his or her pre-accident state of health, it can go a long way toward helping him or her begin the long road to recovery.

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