7 Tips in the Process Between Hiring a Lawyer and The Accident

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | November 14, 2018
7 Tips in the Process Between Hiring a Lawyer and The Accident

After an accident, the process before hiring a lawyer can be confusing and frightening. Various bills are piling up and you need to put yourself in the best position possible to not only succeed in your case but to ensure a quicker timeline in obtaining your desired result. Therefore, to put yourself in the best position, be prepared before speaking to a lawyer. Here are 6 tips in the process between the occurrence of your accident and hiring a lawyer suitable to taking your case.

Get As Much Information As You Can From Witnesses.

After an accident, there are many things going on but if you are physically able it is crucial to get information from witnesses. The police who show up will create a police report but it is beneficial for your lawyer to have the names and numbers of potential witnesses for the case. This will help to verify exactly what happened so insurance companies cannot skew facts on the police report in their favor. Additionally, witness testimony helps your lawyer ensure the events that took place happened even if they are not present in the police report as conflicting stories are common.

Many times in car accidents you are physically unable to get information from witnesses and therefore, need to resort to police reports and other tips to gain information about your case.

Order the Police Report Immediately

After an accident, you have the ability to call or request from the Police Department at any time the Accident and Police Report from your accident. Having this information helps in the productivity of your case and your lawyer can determine how the police viewed your case.

Additionally, review the police and accident report yourself. Many times essential elements are left out and that information needs to be relayed to your lawyer.

Take Pictures of All The Damage Suffered From The Accident.

When determining loss of value, it is crucial to have photo evidence of everything damaged, as it will speak louder than a police or accident report. Pictures of you at the hospital and pictures of damage caused on your body speaks much louder than a picture of a bent bumper. It is much easier to realize the damage it has caused when picture collaborate with the story.

Additionally, your car is an important piece of property, which you typically view as a safe place for your personal belongings. Consequently, items such as expensive sunglasses, laptops, cellphones, and other valuables are kept in your car and are frequently damaged in accidents. It is crucial for you to take pictures of all the damage from the accident that caused damage to these items, as it will be determined in the loss of value from the accident.

Get Multiple Quotes on Your Own Terms to Fix Your Car.

Typically insurance companies will send you to a preferred mechanic in the area, which will have historically lower prices to fix your car then a dealership. Therefore, the best option is to go out on your own to get various estimates on the total cost to fix your car. This will allow you to be comfortable knowing that you will be able to get the money to make sure your car is fixed properly.

Do Not Try To Be a Tough Guy/Girl

It is very common for people to not go see a doctor or physical therapist because they are afraid of the cost associated with it or trying to tough it out because you are busy. It is no secret that car accidents take a toll on the body whether it is immediate or overtime and therefore, it is crucial for you to see a doctor in order to recover from the accident. If there is anything at all bothering you, go see a doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist, as they will be able to diagnose your condition to give you a long-term plan.

Additionally, do not wait to get treated for a while because insurance companies look to no treatment meaning that there was no damage to your body and it was not an immediate concern of yours. Document the entire process of treatment you are going through to give your lawyer the best idea of the current medical situation.

Ask Yourself; Do I Really Need a Lawyer?

After compiling all this information from the accident before calling a lawyer, some people think to themselves, do I really need a lawyer? It is very hard to determine the value of your case without having the knowledge of the field. Typically unrepresented claimants against insurance companies get taken advantage of and usually low-balled. While the 1/3 commission fee may seem daunting, it should be noted that most attorneys would only accept if they believe it is in the best interest of both parties.

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