Motorcycle Accidents May Be Caused By Road Defects

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | May 20, 2017
Motorcycle Accidents May Be Caused By Road Defects

Today’s motorcycle is a mechanical masterpiece in comparison to the steam powered bicycles invented in the early 1820’s.1 Over the years, inventors and engineers have improved both the safety and performance of motorcycles, but there are still inherent dangers for motorcycle riders. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motorcycles which offer no enclosure type of protection, have low stability, and coincide with visibility issues result in a fatal accident 26 times more often than automobile-related deaths. These motorcycle accidents happen for a number of reasons including interactions with distracted, drunk, or drowsy drivers, collision during low visibility environments such as left turns taken at intersections or during lane changes, speeding, inclement weather, road obstacles such as animals or debris, and road defects.2

Dangers of Riding on a Defective Road: St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Roads can be defective for a number of reasons related to the design, construction, or maintenance of the roadway. During the designing stages, roadways can be made defective if there is an overly complex intersection, poorly visible crosswalk, layout with ill-placed curves or slopes, or a low consideration of the presence of natural obstacles such as tree lines or waterways. The second way in which a road can be considered defective is during the construction phase if subpar materials are used, construction plans are not followed, or the workers inadequately construct the road. However, the most common source of road defect arises from maintenance issues. As roadways become degraded over time due to continual use, were brought by inclement weather such as ice, and changes in the physical environment such as erosion, dangers can arise due to the potholes or seams in the pavement, poorly visible painted markers, or sinking portions of the street.3 Regardless of the type of defect, motorcycles are more susceptible to fall prey to dangerous road conditions because of the low stability and exposed two wheel nature of a bike.4 In the case of a motorcycle accident, especially when a defective road is a precipitating cause, 80 percent of the crashes or collisions will result in a fatality or injury such as a bone fracture, traumatic brain injury, or road rash.5

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