Accidents Can Happen In Road Construction Zones

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | July 16, 2015
Accidents Can Happen In Road Construction Zones

Construction zones are plastered with orange cones, workers in bright vests, and a plethora of warning signs in order to notify drivers of the need to reduce speed and increase caution in order to avoid accidents. The problem is that despite all of the preemptive strategies, car accidents in road construction zones still occur. The common features within construction zones such as a reduced number of lanes, changes in speed, alterations or detours to routes, presence of people and equipment on the road, and traffic jams create a risk to the lives of both the construction workers and drivers.

Dangers in Road Construction Zones

Road construction is a necessary evil. Over time roads can become dangerous or in disrepair which means to keep the roads safe construction is needed. The problem is the construction process brings with it the potential to endanger the workers and drivers.2 A misplaced sign, fallen cone, loose debris, steep drop-offs, machinery blocking pathways, or poor lighting can make it difficult to safely navigate through the construction zone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the two largest hazards in construction zones are the passing of motor vehicle traffic on the outside of the construction zone that collides with equipment or other vehicles and injury to workers during the movement of construction vehicles and equipment within the work zone.

Causes and Cost of Construction Zone Accidents

Construction zone laws are designed to make the navigation process simpler and safer, but human error in following laws or navigating through the construction zone, poor road design, confusing signage, or unsafe behavior by construction workers or drivers can make the chances of getting in a car accident while traveling through the construction zone significantly higher. According to the Federal Highway Administration, which conducted a study in 2010, there is approximately 87,000 car accident crashes in construction zones each year. Due to those crashes, there was about 37,000 injuries per year, this equates to a driver or worker getting injured every 14 minutes.2 Most of the crashes do not result in a fatality, but many of the accidents do result in serious injuries and significant property damage.

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