CPSC Petition To Mandate Warnings On Ionization Smoke Alarms

The Fathers for Fire Safety, two men I know from Ohio, have petitioned the US Consumer Products Safety Commission to mandate warnings on all ionization smoke alarms. The warnings arise out of the scientific fact that ionization alarms do not respond to smoke from smoldering fires. Unfortunately this type of alarm is in 90% of US households. I urge you to go to www.cpscpetition.com and sign the petition. I also urge you to pass this message along through social media.

Ionization smoke alarms are the dirty little secret of the billion dollar smoke alarm industry. Do not remove them from your home – they do detect invisible smoke particles released in flaming fires – which is why they sound when you open the oven (or shower) door. Instead, supplement them with photo electric alarms.

The men behind Fathers for Fire Safety each lost a daughter in separate Ohio fires in structures protected by ionization alarms. They travel the United States educating the public and promoting laws which prohibit the use of ionization smoke alarms unless supplemented by photoelectric alarms. Three states (Iowa, Massachusetts and Vermont) and several communities have banned ionization smoke alarms as standalone smoke detectors. You can learn more about the dangers of ionization smoke alarms with a Google search or by going to my webpage and clicking on ‘Smoke Detectors’ and within that page click on ‘Ionization Smoke Detector Injury Attorney’: www.Bruninglegal.com.

Tony Bruning

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