About DraftKings Recent Legal Issues

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | December 5, 2016
About DraftKings Recent Legal Issues

Listening to the TV or the radio, you have likely heard one of the advertisements for the fantasy sports games hosted by DraftKings. "Double your first deposit, up to six hundred dollars" - sound familiar?

DraftKings 'Free Bonus' and 'Double Your Cash' Scam

After signing up to receive the "free bonus" and "double your cash" up to $600, you realize that this is a scam. Once you sign up, you get 4% of your initial deposit. Then, in the first 4 months you have to pay 25x the amount of your 1st deposit to get the bonus. Long story short, you never get "double your cash."

The Lawsuit Against DraftKings

Many fantasy sports players that used DraftKings have found legal council to force DraftKings to follow through with its promise, brining a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois for the participants in Missouri, Illinois, and then Massachusetts.

Later in the year, there were allegations of insider trading- DraftKings employees were using information not available to the public to gamble on FanDuel and vis versa. Then, the illegal gambling issues arose and 80+ cases were filed across the county. These cases were then consolidated into a multi-jurisdictional litigation in Massachusetts. Daily Fantasy Sports Litigation, MDL No. 16-02677-GAO (D. Mass.)

The Bruning Law Firm and The DraftKings Lawsuit

There were 100s of lawyers that filed suits against DraftKings meaning the Massachusetts judge had to decide which lawyers should run the case on behalf of all the claims nationwide. We are proud to announce that The Bruning Law Firm was one of the firms selected.

Current Status: DraftKings Lawsuit

DraftKings is preparing a motion to compel arbitration in an effort to send as much of the case to arbitration instead of having to go to court. In arbitration, these claims would need to be filed individually, not a class action, which would not be ideal.

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