Four Homes Destroyed By Fire In California Earthquake

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | August 25, 2014
Four Homes Destroyed By Fire In California Earthquake

In the early morning of Sunday August 24th, San Francisco experienced the largest earthquake to hit the area in nearly 25 years. The 6.0 earthquake stuck around 3:00 am local time and was felt over a large portion of northern California. Several historic buildings were damaged and thousands were left without power.

During the chaos that ensued after the quake, fires erupted throughout the area resulting in four homes being destroyed in a mobile home park. Fortunately no injuries were reported.

Fire officials stated the fires were caused due to gas line breaks that occurred immediately after the quake hit. The fires were further complicated by water main breaks in the same area. When the firefighters arrived on the scene they were unable to use any of the nearby hydrants to put out the blaze due to the lack of water pressure.

Eventually the crews were able to access water and put out the fires, but not before all four homes were completely destroyed.

The events in California are a reminder that misfortune can strike at any moment. An unexpected natural disaster, such as an earthquake here, can cause devastating fires that can put you out of a home or even cause serious injury. The last thing anyone wants to deal with after such tragedy is a battle with an insurance company to ensure you are properly compensated for all property that was lost. If such an occurrence happens to you or a loved one, be sure to discuss your options with experienced St. Louis fire attorney Tony Bruning.

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