Can I Sue the Government for Accidents Due to Poor Road Design?

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | April 14, 2015
Can I Sue the Government for Accidents Due to Poor Road Design?

Auto accidents can happen for a wide variety of reasons. When considering potential causes of accidents, we tend to think of other drivers who are engaging in dangerous behaviors such as drunk driving, texting, speeding, and more. We often do not think of the government as a common cause of auto accidents when, in reality, many accidents are caused by local or state government entities.

The government has the responsibility to design public roads and highways in a manner that will be reasonably safe for all drivers using the roadways. When a roadway is itself defective in some way, the government should be held responsible for any crashes and related injuries that result from its negligence.1 Some examples of common defects in government road design are as follows:

  • Dangerous inclines
  • Inadequate road drainage
  • Improper posted speed limits
  • Lack of signs warning of potentially dangerous intersections, curves, or other possible hazards
  • Poorly timed or defective traffic signals
  • Not sufficiently marking lanes or having lanes that are too narrow
  • Not providing an adequate shoulder area for vehicles to stop if necessary.

These are only some examples of the many different ways that local or state government agencies can be negligent in designing roadways.

Lawsuits Against the Government

Filing a legal claim against the government can be significantly more complicated than filing a claim against an individual or private business. Governments have certain protections2 from legal liability in some cases and deadlines are often different, so you always want to have an attorney helping you who understands cases involving government liability.

An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in St. Louis Can Help You Recover

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