A Car Ran Me Off The Road And Then Drove Away - What Do I Do?

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Car accidents are usually a complex matter, but certain types of accidents present unique obstacles. An auto accident in which a driver is run off the road by another vehicle that then drives away can become a complicated matter. The absence of a driver who makes his or her role in the collision known can make filing claims and seeking compensation difficult.

How to File and Prove a Claim When You Are Driven Off the Road in MO

In order to pursue a claim after an auto accident in which you were run off the road by a driver who left the scene, it is important to first determine who was driving the vehicle. Sometimes determining who was driving can be difficult, especially if the driver was unaware he or she caused the crash, because they were driving under the influence or were driving distracted. The second step is two determine the damage sustained to your vehicle as well as personal injuries. There are two main forms of damage a vehicle can sustain when ran off the road: contact damage from collision with the other vehicles or impact damage from colliding with other obstacles when trying to swerve or stop.1 In order to prove liability in a case where you are run off the road eye witness testimony can be essential.2 Accident reconstruction, evidence collected at the scene, studying damage patterns to vehicles, and eye witnesses are useful resources to cutting down the he said she said disagreements common in cases where a driver is ran off the road.2

Common Misconceptions in Cases Where a Driver is Ran Off the Road in Missouri

There are common mistaken beliefs with regards to cases where a driver is ran off the road. First, liability for an accident is not defined by actual contact with another vehicle. For instance, a driver who runs another vehicle off the road and then drives away verses a driver who commits a hit and run is no less liable. The second large misconception is that a failure to be able to identify the driver or the vehicle and prove responsibility means that there is no way to recover. In fact, when a victim of an accident is unable to prove liability, claims can be filed under uninsured motorist coverage. In the state of Missouri, insurance company policies must by law include uninsured motorist coverage to protect against the negligence of an uninsured driver by allowing a person to seek compensation through their own insurance policy.3 This is very similar to underinsured motorist coverage which protects victims of accidents who were injured by a motorist who did not carry enough insurance.

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