Finding the Right Match: How to Select Lawyers For an Accident Claim

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | February 17, 2020
Finding the Right Match: How to Select Lawyers For an Accident Claim

If you have sustained an injury in an accident, you will need a lawyer to help you pursue compensation for that injury. You may also need help defending yourself against possible counter-charges from other parties involved in the accident.

While there are numerous law firms with attorneys happy to take your case, you should be careful in selecting the professionals best equipped to guide you through this challenge.

Here are five tips on how to select lawyers for an accident claim.

1. Specialization

You may have close friends who are lawyers, to whom you may turn for advice. However, if your friend is a corporate or criminal lawyer, they may not be the appropriate person to represent in you in an accident claim.

Lawyers often choose a niche area of law where they can focus. Rare are the general practitioners who can help you draft a will, defend a DUI, and pursue a personal injury claim.

You need someone who has experience working on a claim similar to yours. Even in the area of accident claims, there are sub-specialties. If you were involved in an accident with a truck, you want a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the special legal challenges that arise under those circumstances.

2. Successful Track Record

Not only do you want a lawyer who has litigated cases like yours, you want someone who has achieved satisfactory results for clients like you.

When interviewing potential counsel, ask about their track record. You want to know about not only successful judgments but settlements they may have negotiated on behalf of clients in your situation.

3. Recommendations from People You Trust

If you have been involved in an accident, ask your friends who may have had similar experiences. If they retained counsel, inquire whether they were satisfied and if they would recommend the lawyers that they used.

Personal recommendations are often the most effective way to find out how lawyer works. Check out law firm websites as well for testimonials, and ask the lawyers for names of references.

4. Strong Support System

After an accident, the clock starts ticking: you need to proceed with certain legal proceedings and filings within a certain time frame.

Because you are not going to be any lawyer's only client, make sure the lawyer you choose has a strong support system. Do they have associates and paralegals who will help them manage a case and not miss deadlines?

5. Personal Rapport

You need a lawyer you can trust and in whom you can confide. You need to understand them when they explain complex legal subjects and guide you through the decisions that go into a lawsuit.

Some clients prefer aggressive lawyers. Others feel more at ease with those who proceed with caution and weigh all options judiciously.

Interview your potential representative to make sure you can put your faith in him or her. All attorneys should pursue your claims vigorously, but there can be many different ways of accomplishing that goal.

How to Select Lawyers for an Accident Claim: Do Your Research

If you are wondering how to select lawyers for an accident claim, do your research the same way you would for a doctor or accountant. Make sure the person you choose has experience with cases like yours and has satisfied clients like you. Choose someone you trust.

For more information on accident claims, check out our blog.

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I was born and raised to represent individuals who have been needlessly injured. I mean that literally. At a young age my father would tell me about the clients he was representing. I would meet them and take pride in their admiration of my father. I always knew I wanted to be a lawyer and represent clients that needed my help.

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