How Do I Proceed If An Insurance Company Offered Me A Low Settlement?

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | September 10, 2015
How Do I Proceed If An Insurance Company Offered Me A Low Settlement?

Trials are an expensive last resort for seeking compensation for injuries or property damages. After testimonies have been taken, medical bills reviewed, crash scenes reconstructed, and all other pertinent information documented, the process of completing an auto accident or personal injury claim normally results in a settlement offer. An insurance company, if they consent to liability on the part of their policy holder’s part, will often send a formal offer; the problem is that sometimes an insurance companies offer an unreasonably low settlement.

Steps to Take in Response to a Low Settlement Offer

The first step after receiving an offer is to consider and analyze the settlement carefully, because a quick rejection is just as devastating to the negotiation process as a premature acceptance.1 Maintain written communications, ask the insurance company specific questions to evaluate the offer, providing additional information based on factual gaps held by the insurance company, send a written response highlighting emotional points, and formulating a reasonable counteroffer are all steps towards responding to a low settlement offer.2 The negotiation process can be a repeated back and forth dialogue with the insurance company. To make the process smoother it is important to have a settlement amount in mind, but prepare to make adjustments or revisions.3 There are several factors that can make it reasonable to accept what at first might appear as a low offer. Consideration over who is making the settlement offer comes into play since a broke or uninsured individual may not be worth pursuing a trial based compensation if in the end the settlement may be equivalent to the initial offer.4 If a party does not receive legal representation or is desperate for immediate compensation, an insurance company may offer a low settlement amount, but taking notice to the timing of the offer and seeking an attorneys assistance will counteract the likelihood of being made or prematurely accepting a lower offer.

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If you have been offered a settlement from an insurance company for injuries sustained during an auto accident it is important to discuss the offer with an experienced personal injury attorney. Working with a skilled attorney can be the deciding factor that helps ensure fair compensation for a car accident victim, despite complex legal rules or insurance companies that choose to not work in good faith by offering low settlements. To contact an auto accident attorney who can help file claims and protect your legal rights, set up a free consultation by calling the The Bruning Law Firm trial attorneys at 314-735-8100.


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