Is It Worth It To Pursue A Legal Claim For Minor Injuries?

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | October 10, 2015
Is It Worth It To Pursue A Legal Claim For Minor Injuries?

The multi-vehicle pileup involving commercial trucks carrying hazardous material is not the typical auto accident. There definitely is serious and catastrophic auto accidents that result in permanent injury or death for the parties involved. However, more often than not the typical car accident involves minor, short-term injuries. When an auto accident involves minor losses, it is important to consider the cost of a claim in relation to the losses suffered; keep in mind that even if compensation is low, it still might be beneficial to pursue a claim to cover the losses suffered.

Some of the initial steps involving emergency personal and insurance companies that a driver should take after an auto accident are fairly consistent, regardless of the severity of damage or injury. For instance, if any party to the accident is injured, it is important to seek medical assistance. Some injuries are latent, but professionals are better equipped to determine the extent of injury. Whiplash is a common injury that is considered minor, but the soft tissue damage after a few days may manifest to show a more intense injury.1 This means that even if the injuries are determined to be minor, costs can be sustained for co-pays and deductibles paid for doctor visits and prescriptions, along with the lost wages for non-salary employees who miss even a few hours of work.2

Most insurance policies require notification of any or all accidents, even if the damage or injuries are superficial.3 The purpose of auto insurance is designed to ensure injured victims are compensated, regardless of the extent or severity of injury or loss.4 This is because minor car accidents still can result in a financial loss from touch-up repairs or from parties seeking recovery for injuries against another involved party’s insurance policy.

If injuries are minor, there are several steps that should be taken when deciding whether or not to pursue a claim. First, it is important to review your own insurance policy to understand the coverage for property damage and medical payments. Second, in any accident it is important to exchange information with other drivers, which can then be used to file a claim against a liable driver to cover even minute losses. Therefore, while any injury may be worth pursing through a legal avenue, determining that worth is a complex, multifaceted calculation that involves an understanding of settlement offers, medical losses, property losses, the role of insurance adjusters, and other unique elements which can best be sifted through and weighed via an experienced personal injury attorney.

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