St. Louis PSL Holders Reach Multi-Million Dollar Settlement with Rams

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | November 26, 2018
St. Louis PSL Holders Reach Multi-Million Dollar Settlement with Rams

The Bruning Law Firm, representing thousands of the original St. Louis Personal Seat License (PSL) holders, has reached a $24 million settlement agreement with the Los Angeles Rams in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. Our St. Louis class-action lawsuit lawyers have helped thousands and you may be entitled to compensation too don't hesitate to call today and discuss your claim today. Call us at (314) 735-8100 or CONTACT us online.

The agreement seeks to refund PSL holders 30 percent of the total they paid for their PSLs. PSLs were a one-time fee paid by Rams fans in order to purchase season tickets.

“This settlement is about fairness,” said attorney Ryan Bruning. “The PSL holders paid for 30 years of NFL football in St. Louis, but got just 21 years. They should get their money back for the years of football they paid for but never received. Under this agreement, they will.”

Bruning noted that the settlement agreement must now be approved by the court. “If it is, the original PSL holders will get 30% of their money back, meaning that some PSL holders will receive thousands of dollars,” Bruning said.

After the Rams moved to Los Angeles in 2016, after their 21st season in St. Louis, The Bruning Law Firm, along with several other firms, filed a class-action suit seeking reimbursement to the PSL holders for the years they paid for but did not receive. This settlement is the result of that legal action.

“This is an important day for St. Louis Rams fans and for St. Louis itself. We have fought for three years on behalf of the original Rams PSL holders,” said attorney A.J. Bruning. “We were PSL holders ourselves, and we, like thousands of other loyal St. Louis Rams fans, did our part by purchasing 30-year PSLs, by purchasing tickets and by supporting the team through good years and bad.”

“Today’s settlement is what we had asked for—fairness for the original PSL holders,” said plaintiff Ron McAllister, an original Rams PSL owner. “We lost our team, but we shouldn’t lose the unfulfilled balance of a 30-year investment in St. Louis Rams football.”

If the court approves the settlement, a website will be established for PSL holders to file their claim and further details will be announced.

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