Negligence Can Lead To Intersection Accidents

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | November 4, 2015
Negligence Can Lead To Intersection Accidents

Urban areas which are ripe with a high volume of motor vehicles and an increased number of pedestrians creates a risk for intersection accidents.

What is an Intersection?

A common form of road design is known as a highway crossing or intersection which commonly refers to the physical location where two or more roads meet or cross each other.1 Intersections involve the co-mingling of pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicle traffic and are commonly associated with signals or roundabouts.2 There are several different forms of intersections. The simplest intersection design is known as a T or Y junction named for the structural appearance of three roads joining together.3 The most common form of intersection is a four way design involving the perpendicular or skewed crossing of two roads.4 More complex road designs include a 5-way intersection, 6-way intersection, or staggered intersection.5

Accidents at Intersections

There are general and well established guidelines that detail how drivers as well as pedestrians should interact and proceed through intersections. These guidelines are based on standing principles about the use of traffic signals, crosswalks, and who possess the right of way. When these guidelines are ignored, moving violations occur, or laws that regulate driving behaviors are broken, it is likely that any resulting accident is directly caused by the negligent practice. Some of the common negligent practices include speeding, failure to yield, running a red light or stop sign, making turns without checking the intersection, driving intoxicated, driving drowsy, engaging in distracted driving including visual, physical, or cognitive distractions which can include phone use, eating or drinking, personal grooming, GPS programming, reading, or use of any form of media such as podcasts or the radio.

Intersection Accident Prevention

When an intersection accident occurs due to negligence, it is important to seek compensation for any injuries and damages that were sustained in course of the collision, but there is also preemptive steps that can be taken to avoid intersection accidents. The two general focuses of any driver should be on anticipating hazardous situations and adjusting behaviors accordingly.6 This often includes engaging in defensive driving, offering the right of way, anticipate that cross traffic may disregard traffic control, ensure sufficient time is available before crossing roadways, increase awareness during dawn, dusk, and night time hours, keep the sides of vehicles clear by making sure side lamps and reflective devices are operational, watch for cars crossing at the end of a red light through a visual check rather than just following the traffic signal, slowly approach blind intersections, and in suburban areas, shopping districts, or school zones increase awareness for children or other pedestrains.7

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