Can I Recover After a Single-Vehicle Accident?

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | March 25, 2015
Can I Recover After a Single-Vehicle Accident?

Single-vehicle accidents injure thousands of people each year. In many cases, people assume that the driver of the vehicle must have been at fault for an accident. In many cases, this is accurate, and many single-vehicle accidents do occur due to issues such as driver fatigue, impaired driving, or speeding. In some cases, however, single-vehicle accidents are the result of someone else’s negligence1. When this occurs, victims can often recover for their losses by filing a legal claim against the person or party that was responsible for their accident. The best way to determine whether you have a claim after a car accident is to discuss your options with an experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer.

Who Could be Held Liable for a Single-Vehicle Accident?

There are a number of different parties that could potentially be held liable for a single-vehicle accident. Some of the more common are listed below.

  • Car manufacturers – When single-vehicle accidents are caused by a defectively designed or manufactured vehicle, the vehicle manufacturer or retailer could potentially be held liable for the injuries and other losses that victims sustain.
  • Government agencies – In many cases, a governmental agency is responsible for the design and maintenance of roadways. If a single-vehicle accident is caused by a defect in the road, victims may be able to file a claim against the agency responsible for the road on which the accident occurred. Special time limits usually apply when suing the government, so it is extremely important that victims act discuss their options with an attorney as soon as possible.
  • Private property owners – If a single-vehicle accident happens on private property, a driver may be able to sustain a premises liability2 claim against the person or party that owns the property.
  • Other motorists, bicyclists, or pedestrians – Sometimes single-vehicle accidents occur because a driver had to swerve or leave the roadway because of someone else’s negligent conduct. A typical example of this type of accident is one that occurs because a pedestrian darted out into the road or a bicyclist failed to observe traffic laws. When this occurs, single-vehicle accident victims may be able to recover from the party that caused their wreck.

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