Summer Road Trips May Increase Accident Risks

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | July 30, 2015
Summer Road Trips May Increase Accident Risks

Family road trips and weekend getaways are a staple of the summer season. Whether taking the kids to Disney World or visiting family most Americans plan a road trip during the summer months. According to a survey conducted by AAA, approximately two-thirds of adults in the United States plan to take a road trip between Memorial Day and Labor Day.1 The summer season with warm temperatures and sunny days suggests that the summer season has the ideal conditions for safe travels. Summer drivers do not have to battle with winter storms and icy roads or spring showers and floods, but the season brings with it a unique set of dangers.2

Why is Summer Driving Dangerous?

Despite common misconceptions, the summer season is statistically more dangerous than the winter season. The month of August alone has the highest number of fatalities.3 One in three traffic fatalities occurs during the three summer months.4 There are numerous reasons that the summer season and increased road trips create a higher risk for auto accidents. First, the summer season correlates with school being out, this means there is an influx of inexperienced drivers. Second, summer road trips mean there is more congestion on interstates, highly popular travel destinations are facing greater traffic jams, and there are more vacationing drivers who are unfamiliar with the roads; these factors create a risk for dangerous accidents to occur due to the harder driving conditions and greater opportunity got road rage from impatient drivers.5 Thirdly, summer’s warmer weather creates additional risks during summer road trips. The higher temperatures makes summer a popular time for road construction, increases the number of cyclists and bikers on the road, effects the expanding of air pressure in tires which can result in tire blowouts, and puts your vehicle’s engine at risk for overheating during a long road trip.

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