What Are The First Steps In Starting A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | December 14, 2015
What Are The First Steps In Starting A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

When there is a legal dispute arising from a person known as the plaintiff who alleges he or she was harmed by an accident or injury caused by a defendant that is being sued in order to be held legally responsible for the harm, then there is often a legal proceeding to acquire damages known as a personal injury lawsuit.1 As an important of a concept it is to have your day in court as an injured party, most cases will settle long before the parties set foot in a courtroom. This is why two of the most essential steps of any personal injury lawsuit is during initial stage of prepping and organizing your claim by hiring an attorney and composing a demand letter.

Beginning A Lawsuit

A personal injury lawsuit involves many different professional parties who are familiar with the litigation process such as companies, insurance adjusters, police officers, doctors, expert witnesses, and investigators. In order to level the playing field, it is beneficial to seek personal legal representation early in the process.2 Seeking a personal injury attorney can help you to assess the value of your claims, the strength of your evidence, weaknesses in your argument, access to a knowledgeable source on a contingency fee basis which limits your financial investment in the event you lose your claim, communicate with other lawyers or insurance companies, prepare yourself for giving a deposition or trial testimony, and way the progress of mediation or negotiations.3

After choosing an attorney, one of the immediate steps your attorney will do after he or she has conducted initial investigations and analyzed your case’s facts is to draft a demand letter.4 The letter functions as a formal demand or request for payment to be made by the defendant to the plaintiff in order to compensate for the harm or injury.5 There are different purposes of sending a demand letter including functioning as a catalyst to settlement and as an opportunity to organize your case.6 At a minimum, the demand letter will put the potential defendant on notice and encourage the defendant to initiate contact with other pertinent parties such as any insurance company involved with the claim.7

Contact an Experienced St. Louis Personal Injury Attorney for a Free Consultation

If you have been harmed by another person or entity and seek compensation for your losses, it is important to discuss the circumstances of your injury with an experienced personal injury attorney who can help to protect your legal rights and interests. To contact a personal injury attorney for a free consultation please feel free to call the The Bruning Law Firm trial attorneys at 314-735-8100.


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