What Are The Legal Fees In An Auto Accident Case?

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | October 7, 2015
What Are The Legal Fees In An Auto Accident Case?

An injured victim of an auto accident often seeks fair and reasonable compensation through the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney. The legal process of filing a claim, whether compensation is received through settlement or courtroom litigation, allows victims to recover damages, but also is used to pay the associated attorney fees.

The legal fees attained during an auto accident case or most other forms of personal injury cases are done so through a contingency fee basis. Under this type of arrangement, an attorney only receive compensation for the services he provides if the case is won. [1] This means that payment for services are contingent upon the outcome of the case. The actual amount of compensation will be based upon a preset percentage that correlates to the amount of work that the personal injury attorney put into the case.[2] All fees and expenses during an auto accident case are dependent on the legal services contract initially agreed upon through consultation with an attorney. Some of the common fees and expenses include court filing fees, cost of serving summonses, costs of obtaining medical records and police reports, court reporter fees, expert witness fees, accident reconstruction costs, and other fees associated with the investigation of liability and causation in an auto accident. [3] Depending on the nature or extent of injury can affect the amount of legal service fees. For instance, a case that involves a difficult fact pattern such as multiple vehicle collisions, comparative negligence, out of state drivers, long term injuries, or emotional trauma such as victims who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, requires additional expenses through numerous depositions, trail exhibits, and significant amount of research and documentation raising associated costs such as for postage. An attorney’s legal services will result in a combination of fees, costs, and expenses, but these deductions are only possible, because the attorney has successfully litigated or settled the claim on behalf of the injured victim. [4]

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