You’ve Been in an Accident: What to Do After A Truck Accident

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | April 15, 2019
You’ve Been in an Accident: What to Do After A Truck Accident

What To Do After A Truck Accident

Semi accidents occur often around the United States.

As many as 500,000 to be exact.

If you are struck by a semi (a truck weighing more than 10,000 pounds) then you may need to seek legal help.

Keep reading if you'd like to know more about what to do after a truck accident.

Call the Police Immediately

Like any accident, it's important to contact the authorities as soon as possible if you've been struck by a semi. Having a police report will make the claims process with your insurance company go smoother.

The police will also gather evidence from the scene of the crash that may then be used by your legal team should legal action be taken. Once the police have been contacted they will gather reports from both parties. They may also get as many witness accounts as they can.

Always make sure you get the badge and identification information of the officers and medical personnel who come to assist you.

Seek Medical Attention

It's also important to try and get checked out by EMTs after an accident. If you have been involved in a truck accident you may be injured. Nearly 5,000 people are killed every year in semi accidents.

Head injuries are not something you want to ignore after an accident. Making sure you are checked out by a doctor will ensure you are healthy after a wreck.

Exchange Information with Other Party

If you've been in an accident it's important to get the contact and insurance information of the parties involved. Having this information on hand can smooth the legal process. It also holds each member accountable.

Make sure you have the truck driver's company number. It's also a good idea to get their address, phone number and employer's phone number. Insurance companies will do most of the communicating back and forth after an accident but it's always good to have them in your files as well.

Get Contact Information from Witnesses

Many accidents will have witnesses. Before you are released by the police and first responders, make sure you get the contact information from the people who may have witnessed the accident.

Never Document the Accident on Social Media

Like any other accident, it's important to not post pictures or stories of the occurrence on social media. Keeping a low digital presence will help you receive as much legal assistance as possible.

Need More Advice on What to Do After a Truck Accident?

Getting into an accident can be a real headache.

If you or a loved one have been struck by a semi, it may be a good idea to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. A lawyer will be able to tell you what to do after a truck accident.

Making sure you have as much information from all responders, the truck driver and witnesses at the scene will help your legal team throughout the case.

If you'd like some more advice on how to handle a truck accident, visit one of our offices today.

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