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Why Truck Accident Cases are Different

Truck accident cases are much more complex because so many parties are responsible for different aspects of a tractor-trailer’s journey on the road. Our seasoned attorneys will thoroughly investigate your accident to determine exactly what caused the crash and who should be held liable. This may include:

  • Hidden Defects or Malfunctions

    Truck owners and trucking companies are responsible for ensuring that the vehicle meets all of the safety regulations for large trucks. Regular maintenance, repair, and equipment checks are essential. When an owner or company fails to keep up with a reasonable safety schedule, a crash can easily result. Also, if a hidden defect exists in any of the truck’s parts or equipment, the item may fail at a crucial moment. This can cause a crash or make a crash worse. In this case, the manufacturer or distributor of the defective part may be held responsible.

  • Trucking Company Negligence

    Trucking companies have a long list of obligations. They include screening and testing drivers, tracking the hours drivers work every day and week to ensure drivers do not work too much, keeping equipment in good working order, and ensuring that loads are properly contained and secured for the trip. On any given truck, these tasks might each be performed by a different company – making it even more complicated to determine who is liable for the harm caused.

  • Negligently Maintained Roadways

    Not all U.S. roads are appropriate for trucks. Off the state and federal highways, truck routes must be carefully marked so that drivers do not become lost or stuck. The weight limits on bridges and the height of overpasses must be clearly labeled, and drivers must be aware of the height and weight of their own trucks in order to prevent an accident. Other hazards ─such as potholes, blind curves, inadequate signs at intersections, or construction site barriers set too narrowly ─ can also cause a truck crash.

  • Negligent Truck Drivers

    Many truck drivers take safety seriously and work hard to drive safely in all conditions. Not all truck drivers are this careful, though. Just a few moments of carelessness, sleepiness, distraction, inexperience, or intoxication can cause a crash.

  • Other Careless Drivers

    Many passenger car drivers don’t receive adequate education on how to drive safely around large tractor-trailers. When the driver of another car on the road does something dangerous, a nearby truck driver may be forced to take defensive maneuvers. Unfortunately, the very actions that are designed to prevent an accident can also cause one.

Whenever a truck accident happens, the natural first reaction is to blame the driver. However, a driver is not the only person responsible for truck safety on the road.

Our experienced truck accident attorneys understand the complex rules and regulations that govern truck safety, including the different rules for various truck classes, sizes, weights, and types of cargo. We will identify every liable party in your truck accident case and manage communication with the various insurance companies to pursue maximum compensation for you.

Erika Duggan
Erika Duggan

14:15 30 Jul 18
The Ryan Bruning Law Firm was very nice to work with. The paralegal Anissa was approachable and was always there to answer questions over the phone. If I left a voicemail my call was quickly answered the next day. Ryan was able to negotiate a fair settlement and he was able to explain the process in terms I could understand. I would suggest them to anyone that needs legal help. Great people to work with.

mark lester
mark lester

22:55 05 Oct 18
AJ and staff were extremely informative through the entire process. Integrity, respect, performance, and accountability is what this law firm represents. They were always readily available to answer questions and make you feel at ease. If you’re looking for the best, that’s what you’ll find with “The Bringing Law Firm”. Thank you for everything!

Jody Yarbor
Jody Yarbor

20:50 09 Oct 18
Ryan and Anissa have been awesome since day 1. They got me treatment. They got me the best settlement. Thank you so much. You are the absolute best law firm. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Jroc Ent
Jroc Ent

20:53 23 Aug 18
The Bruning Law Firm 2 thumbs up, Anissa was really great, helpful, kept me updated,very polite and nice. I would recommend this law firm again. I will definitely use them again if needed. Anissa gets 5 stars from me…Great Job!!!!! From Jennifer Jefferson

Arizona Hall
Arizona Hall

20:19 07 Aug 18
The Bruning Law Firm as a whole is great, but the best part of the firm is Anissa Williamson. She took every one of my calls. She answered my every question. When she didn’t know the answer, she did her best to get it for me. I recommend them to any and all in need of legal advise.

Anthony Sagittarius
Anthony Sagittarius

21:35 25 Jan 19
Very precessional and outstanding at what they do. Ryan and Anissa were great at communicating with me of any updates or changes with my case and are a all around great firm. Thank you so much for all you done for me.

Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel

17:20 23 Jan 19
Bruning Law Firm is good for their specialities. The attorney AJ Bruning and Anissa are very friendly and approachable. They will fight for your case and will make sure you are being fairly compensated. The 5.0 rating is true, and hard to come across for law firms! You will be happy with the professional law firm.


00:51 30 Jan 19
Anissa, and Ryan, are always there to help you with whatever question you have. They’re the best. 100 stars if I could.

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