Gas Explosion Injury Lawyers in St. Louis

A gas explosion can be the result of a poorly designed or manufactured product or the negligence of an individual or company. Whether the explosion was from natural or propane gas, the most likely cause was a gas leak combined with an ignition spark. The spark can be as simple as the flick of a light switch. Since natural and propane gas are used to power many different residential, commercial and industrial buildings; gas explosions can occur in the workplace and home.

Gas tanks are designed to be leak proof, so if a gas leak lead to an explosion it is mostly caused by the negligence of another. Most likely it will be unknown to the victim when the negligent act occurred, but it could have occurred in the design, manufacture, installation, inspection, repair or maintenance of the tank.

After a gas explosion occurs, the city and your insurance company will want to tear down the remaining structure to protect themselves from future liability. Because of this, it is important to hire an experienced gas explosion attorney right away so they can stop the home or business from being demolished until a complete investigation has occurred.

The St. Louis burn injury lawyers at The Bruning Law Firm have experience handling gas explosion cases in Missouri and Illinois. Recently we handled a gas explosion case in St. Louis that resulted in a substantial settlement for our clients. After we were hired, we flew in gas explosion experts from Chicago and Florida to determine the cause of the fire and the mechanism of the gas leak. Since we are familiar with the applicable codes and standards, we were able to determine who was negligent and file a lawsuit within weeks of our initial investigation.

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