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Thousands of people are injured every day around the country in preventable accidents. Fortunately for victims, personal injury law often allows people who are injured by the negligence of others to recover for their economic and noneconomic losses. In many cases, losses such as medical expenses, lost income, damage to property, and physical and emotional pain and suffering can be recovered through a personal injury claim. As a result, the recovery that victims obtain is often substantial. The links provided below are included here to help non-lawyers gain a better understanding of personal injury law and how these kinds of claims often arise. While legal information found on the Internet can be extremely helpful, it should not be used in lieu of advice from an experienced injury attorney that practices law in your jurisdiction. Personal injury law varies significantly from state to state, so any information contained in the links below may not be applicable to your specific situation. To schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys, call our office today at (314) 898-3078.

Information on Common Accidents and Injuries that Lead to Personal Injury Claims

  • Motor Vehicle Safety – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website regarding motor vehicle safety. The site contains helpful information, data, and statistics.
  • Traffic Safety Fact Sheets – A collection of fact sheets on various types of accidents published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
  • Information about Traumatic Brain Injuries – Information regarding traumatic brain injuries published by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.
  • Information on Broken Bones – An informational website published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) about broken bones and the types of accidents that commonly cause them.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s informational website about spinal cord injuries.
  • Stewart J. Guss, Houston Personal Injury Attorney – A Houston-based personal injury lawyer that represents individuals injured in car accidents, bicycle accidents, workplace accidents, and motorcycle accidents, among others.
  • Boling Rice LLC – A Georgia personal injury law firm with offices in Atlanta, Alpharetta, and Cumming, Georgia.
  • L. Clayton Burgess, A Professional Law Corporation – Personal injury attorneys practicing in Louisiana and Texas.
  • Clements & Clements – A Dallas personal injury law firm protecting the legal rights of individuals injured in a variety of accidents.
  • Dolman Law Group – A personal injury law firm with offices in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Bradenton, Florida.
  • The Levin Firm – A personal injury law firm that represents the rights of individuals injured in preventable accidents as well litigating cases involving police brutality.

Our Law Office

  • The Bruning Law Firm – A personal injury law firm in St. Louis, Missouri with an emphasis on representing individuals who have sustained serious burn injuries in preventable accidents.