Semi Truck Accident Lawyers Near Me

Finding the right semi truck accident lawyers is extremely important because truck accidents are different from a typical passenger vehicle crash, and not just because of the extremely serious injuries they can cause. Unlike a typical car accident case where one driver is held at fault for the crash, truck accident claims can include a number of liable parties ─ from the owner of the truck, to the company that maintains it, to the company that loaded the truck’s cargo, to a driver.

Semi Truck Accident Lawyers

If you have been injured in this type of crash, you need an experienced semi truck accident lawyer on your side who understands the industry and how these types of cases work. At The Bruning Law Firm, we have a deep knowledge of trucking industry regulations and will pursue compensation from every liable party.

Over the years, our skilled personal injury attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for clients in settlement negotiations and courtroom verdicts, earning us spots among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers and in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. We have also earned our clients’ trust by showing them the respect and compassion they deserve.

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Why Semi Truck Accident Cases are Different

Truck accident cases are much more complex because so many parties are responsible for different aspects of a tractor-trailer’s journey on the road. Our seasoned attorneys will thoroughly investigate your accident to determine exactly what caused the crash and who should be held liable. This may include:

  • Hidden Defects or Malfunctions

    Truck owners and trucking companies are responsible for ensuring that the vehicle meets all of the safety regulations for large trucks. Regular maintenance, repair, and equipment checks are essential. When an owner or company fails to keep up with a reasonable safety schedule, a crash can easily result. Also, if a hidden defect exists in any of the truck’s parts or equipment, the item may fail at a crucial moment. This can cause a crash or make a crash worse. In this case, the manufacturer or distributor of the defective part may be held responsible.

  • Trucking Company Negligence

    Trucking companies have a long list of obligations. They include screening and testing drivers, tracking the hours drivers work every day and week to ensure drivers do not work too much, keeping equipment in good working order, and ensuring that loads are properly contained and secured for the trip. On any given truck, these tasks might each be performed by a different company – making it even more complicated to determine who is liable for the harm caused.

  • Negligently Maintained Roadways

    Not all U.S. roads are appropriate for trucks. Off the state and federal highways, truck routes must be carefully marked so that drivers do not become lost or stuck. The weight limits on bridges and the height of overpasses must be clearly labeled, and drivers must be aware of the height and weight of their own trucks in order to prevent an accident. Other hazards ─such as potholes, blind curves, inadequate signs at intersections, or construction site barriers set too narrowly ─ can also cause a truck crash.

  • Negligent Truck Drivers

    Many truck drivers take safety seriously and work hard to drive safely in all conditions. Not all truck drivers are this careful, though. Just a few moments of carelessness, sleepiness, distraction, inexperience, or intoxication can cause a crash.

  • Other Careless Drivers

    Many passenger car drivers don’t receive adequate education on how to drive safely around large tractor-trailers. When the driver of another car on the road does something dangerous, a nearby truck driver may be forced to take defensive maneuvers. Unfortunately, the very actions that are designed to prevent an accident can also cause one.

Whenever a truck accident happens, the natural first reaction is to blame the driver. However, a driver is not the only person responsible for truck safety on the road.

Semi Truck Accident Cases & Injuries

Each truck accident case we handle is unique, and each client has suffered different injuries and requires a personalized estimate for the amount of compensation that is needed. In most truck accident injury claims, we will pursue:

  • Payment for medical bills after a MO truck accident.

    This includes costs such as emergency services, hospital stays, surgery, doctor’s visits, medical devices and medications, X-rays, CT scans, therapy and rehabilitation appointments, and the mileage you accrue while driving to and from these appointments.

  • Lost wages following a truck wreck.

    If you must take time off work to recover, we will fight for compensation for the wages or other pay you would have received if you had been able to work. If you are so severely injured that you cannot work again (or must take a lighter-duty job), you may also be able to pursue compensation for the wages you would have earned in the future.

  • Property damage from a truck accident.

    This includes the costs to repair or replace your vehicle and any other property lost or damaged in the truck accident.

  • Pain and suffering from injuries after a truck accident in St Louis.

    Truck accident injuries can cause considerable pain, and the events of the crash and the time that follows cause both physical and mental anguish. Compensation for “pain and suffering” is meant to address these hardships.

  • Punitive damages following a MO truck accident.

    In severe cases of misconduct, we may pursue these damages, which are meant to punish the at-fault party.

Our experienced truck accident lawyers will take a detailed inventory of the ways your injuries have impacted your life. Understanding this impact is extremely important to determine the full and fair compensation amount that we will fight for in your truck accident claim.

Over the years, we have helped clients throughout Missouri and Illinois fight insurance companies, large corporations, and negligent drivers – and we know what it takes to win. Contact us today to schedule your free case consultation.