5 Signs That You Might Have a Whiplash Injury Case

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | February 24, 2020
5 Signs That You Might Have a Whiplash Injury Case

Car accidents are traumatizing experiences that can have lasting effects on a person. And not all the scars they leave can be mental — even the slightest car accident can cause serious physical injuries. What starts out as simple neck pain can end up as a devastating whiplash injury.

And if you don't act fast after a car accident, you may miss out on your opportunity to get justice for it. There are several times when someone may have suffered a serious injury that started out as nothing. Then, when they sue for help treating it, they may not have a case against it.

It's best to keep an eye out for signs that you may have a case for injuries like whiplash immediately after an accident. And to learn about which signs you should look out for after a collision, keep reading below!

1. Rear-End Collisions Can Cause a Whiplash Injury

The most common causes of whiplash injuries are rear-end collisions. The impact from the back can send a person sailing forward, most often into their seatbelt. Luckily, the seatbelt usually does its job and keeps the person securely in their seat during the accident.

Yet, even though the person may be stuck in their seat, their head may continue going forward. The unnatural speed and motion of the incident can cause significant injuries. It can leave a person with worse than just a whiplash injury — it can damage their spine and leave them with nerve damage.

If you were involved in a rear-end accident, be sure to visit a doctor immediately. You'll be able to start treating anything that the accident may have caused before it becomes a problem. Plus, you'll have documentation that can help build a case later.

2. Neck Pain is a Sure Sign of Whiplash

If you have neck pain a few days after an accident, you likely have some kind of whiplash injury. Since most of the damage whiplash causes is around a person's neck, any pain in that area following an accident is likely due to the collision. And you can sue for help getting treated if you act quickly enough, once you start feeling neck pain.

Talk to a doctor first, and then contact a lawyer to start your case!

3. Fatigue and Sleeplessness Can Reveal Serious Issues

Car accidents can be traumatizing, both mentally and physically. After a car accident, people can have trouble sleeping or focusing on things for a variety of reasons. They may be in too much pain physically, or they may be too mentally anguished from the experience to continue their normal routines.

A whiplash injury can cause both of these issues. It can cause people to have trouble falling asleep, and the resulting sleeplessness can leave people unable to focus. If you're having trouble functioning normally after a car accident, reach out to a doctor to start getting treatment, and to start your case!

Don't Be a Victim — Whiplash Injuries Are Serious

Getting a whiplash injury can have serious, debilitating consequences. If you suspect that you may have suffered whiplash as a result of a car accident, you should see a doctor immediately. The earlier that you start treating whiplash, the less chance you have of it developing into something serious.

Plus, you'll be able to start working on your case to get justice for it quicker, too.

And to get started on a case, just reach out to us! We'll work with you to make sure that you get justice after a car accident.

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