Who Can I Sue if the Brakes on My Car Failed and I Sustained Injuries as a Result?

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | May 13, 2015
Who Can I Sue if the Brakes on My Car Failed and I Sustained Injuries as a Result?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates1 that 5.6 million police-reported crashes occurred in 2012 alone. While most car accidents are the result of driver error, some of the most serious are caused by defective vehicle brakes. Brakes are among the most important parts of a modern vehicle, allowing drivers to slow down and come to a stop if necessary. When they fail, serious accidents can occur as a result. When filing a lawsuit based on defective brakes, there are many parties that could potentially be named as defendants. Some of these parties are discussed below.

  • The vehicle manufacturer – Vehicle manufacturers owe the public a duty2 to ensure that the vehicles they make are designed and manufactured in a way that makes them reasonably safe to use as intended. When a defect in design or manufacture causes a vehicle’s brakes to fail, they can often be held liable for the injuries and other losses that occur as a result.
  • Aftermarket parts manufacturers – Like many other vehicle parts, brake pads and other parts of the braking mechanism need regular maintenance and replacement. When new parts fail, the manufacturer of those parties may be held liable for their injuries.
  • Mechanics or auto repair shops – When brakes are improperly installed or serviced, it has the potential to result in brake failure. In these cases, the shop or independent mechanic that worked on your car may be the appropriate party against whom to assert a claim.
  • The retailer that sold you your vehicle – Retailers are responsible for the quality of the goods that they sell even if they are not involved in its production. As a result, they can often be held liable for the losses that occur if the brakes on a vehicle they sold fail and an accident occurs.

Victims should keep in mind that multiple parties can be named as defendants in a lawsuit, so it is not a matter of picking one party over another. An experienced attorney will be able to review the facts of your case and determine who the appropriate party or parties to sue may be.

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When brakes fail, the resulting accidents and injuries can be extremely severe and can leave victims with significant medical expenses and property damage. Victims of brake failure accidents can often recover for both their economic and non-economic losses. To discuss your case with one of the experienced St. Louis car accident lawyers of The Bruning Law Firm, call our office today at 314-735-8100.


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