Be On Your Guard: The Most Common Summer Driving Hazards

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | July 9, 2019
Be On Your Guard: The Most Common Summer Driving Hazards

Road trips make up 22% of vacations. And for good reasons: you avoid baggage fees and getting frisked by TSA.

Not only that but when it’s the summertime, you can take your best friends with you. There’s not much hassle involved to make sure everyone’s schedules align and their flights booked around the same time.

Road trips aren’t what they used to be. It doesn’t have to be a week-long adventure. Instead, a day or two yields the same excitement.

However, with warmer weather comes summer driving hazards.

Ready to know which hazards to be on the lookout for?

Keep reading!

Blown Out Tires

Leaving for your destination, you probably noticed a few chewed-up tires lying alongside the road. Unfortunately, summer is prime time for tires blowing up, known as “blowout season.”

That’s because when you mix poorly maintained tires (low pressure, worn-out treads) and hot asphalt, it increases the heat created by the tire’s sidewalls. The more heat that’s created, the more of a chance of you changing your tire on the side of the road.


Construction is more present during the hotter months. That means you’ll be seeing a lot more roadblocks, detours, and traffic.

It’s important to follow all the signs you see in the construction zones. If it tells you to slow down, do so. They put these signs out for a reason—to reduce the risk of car accidents.

Above all, be patient. Getting stressed and frustration won’t make your trip go quicker.

If you want to get ahead of the construction, plan your route before you leave.

Overheated Engine

The summer heat affects more than tires. Before heading to your destination, have your AC checked. Along with that, make sure you have enough engine coolant and that hoses and belts are still in good shape.

If not, the extreme heat will cause more wear and tear quickly on your car.


On the road, you’re likely to see a lot more motorcyclists. This being said, check twice before switching lanes.

While motorcycles are loud for a reason (so other drivers are made aware of them), not all of them follow the rules of the road closely. Before you know, they’ll creep up right alongside you to get ahead.


Animals are coming out of hibernating just in time for mating season for the summer. Take note of any animal crossing signs you see.

If you’re driving at night on quiet roads, use your high beams. If there’s an animal on the road, their eyes will reflect the light, making them more visible.

Stay Safe By Knowing These Summer Driving Hazards

Summer is the time for roads trips and vacation. However, that doesn’t mean danger takes a break.

By knowing these summer driving hazards, you’ll be able to keep you (and anyone along with you for the ride) safe.

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