How Much Can a Passenger Get in a Car Accident?

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | June 23, 2021
How Much Can a Passenger Get in a Car Accident?

Car accident lawsuits are evolving as new regulations are being set in place. In certain cases, passengers of accidents have won cases even after suing the car company.

It's important to know what rights you have as a passenger when dealing with injuries in a vehicular accident. This short guide can help you understand how much can a passenger get in a car accident settlement.

Car Accident Lawsuit

In certain cases, being a passenger can actually more beneficial to you than being a driver. But there might be some issues with PIP insurance. If you are a passenger, under normal circumstances, you will be entitled to personal injury protection benefits.

These benefits, on most cars, equates to around ten thousand dollars in medical benefits. This is the current amount for states like Florida in injury settlements.

Car Accident Passenger

If you're riding as a passenger, you may need to turn to your own PIP coverage. Especially if you experience injuries, you'll need personal coverage for the initial medical treatments.

Insurance companies wish to pay as little as they can when dealing with injuries. It's important to inform yourself of the advantages you have on your side.

Insurance companies care about their profit margins. So, the first offer may be far lower than their final offer where you might end up settling.

But what if you do not own a car? Then, you might be entitled to PIP benefits from a resident relative. This can occur if you live with this person who is a blood relative.

But, of course, this cannot occur if you are not in the same household or do not have a direct relationship with a car owner. If this is the case, then you may be under the driver's coverage.

If you do not fall under these two circumstances, then there are other options. You may have PIP benefits under the driver that hit you. Regardless, a passenger is almost certainly able to receive PIP benefits in any auto accident.

Car Accident Lawyer

Personal injury attorneys can help you discern the issue of liability in these cases. When dealing with a car accident, they may need to request a police report.

It is easier for lawyers to make contact with filing departments in police stations. These police reports can be pertinent when dealing with proof for insurance companies.

In certain cases, there may be a dispute over liability between both drivers. Certain cities are fighting the status of this no-fault insurance system.

Luckily, passengers will have two potential sources of collection in these circumstances. These will be provided from either liability carrier for these injuries.

Both drivers may be uninsured or underinsured as well. There can be a potential stacking circumstance where one is primary and the other is secondary.

So, there are a lot of options available to passengers in car accident cases. This is dependent on lawyers asking the right questions. It is important to get the right information regarding insurance benefits in these circumstances. But, it's an easier route to pursue a settlement as a passenger in an auto accident.

How Much Can a Passenger Get in a Car Accident Settlement?

There are several options for passengers in a car accident settlement. Providing the correct information for lawyers can be vital when settling.

Passengers are more easily able to claim their status than most drivers. Personal Injury attorneys can answer the question: how much can a passenger get in a car accident settlement?

Visit our legal blog for more information on how to calculate your settlement when dealing with a car accident injury!

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