How to Sue an Insurance Company After an Auto Accident

Are you the victim of an auto accident?

You’re not alone. In fact, between 20 and 50 million people are disabled each year in auto accidents worldwide.

If you were involved in an accident and are having trouble reaching an agreement with an auto insurance company, it’s time to fight. Here’s how you would sue an insurance company after an accident.

Obtain Proper Documentation

When you’re considering suing an insurance company, it’s important to obtain all the proper documentation. For starters, you need a copy of the insurance policy. Your policy will show all the claims that your insurance company had agreed to cover when you signed up.

You need to share a copy of your policy with your attorney. They will need to thoroughly review and understand the details of the policy before moving forward with your case.

You also want to obtain a written denial letter from your insurance company. You will need this proof to show that they did indeed deny your claim and their reasoning for doing so.

Hire a Lawyer

It’s important to hire a lawyer who has experience in suing insurance companies. Not only will your lawyer help you fight your case, but they will tell you whether or not your claim is worth more money. They will help you get the best compensation that you deserve, and if it’s not worth pursuing, they will let you know.

Your lawyer will file a complaint in court on your behalf. This complaint will include all the things that you have alleged against the insurance company. It will also include a requested amount of compensation and possibly including punitive damages.

Build Your Case

When you’re suing your insurance company, you need to be sure to build a strong case. This means gathering evidence to support your claim that the agreement is unreasonable. For example, if your insurance denied your claim that there were damages and injuries, you will need to show proof of any medical bills and auto repair bills.

You will also want to keep all communication between you and the insurance company. This includes:

  • emails
  • letters
  • voicemails

If there are face to face or phone conversations, you will want to keep extensive notes of your communications.

This evidence is necessary to support your claims. Even if you don’t think something is important, you should still make a note of it.

How to Sue an Insurance Company

No more asking “can I sue an insurance company?”. While it can be a difficult decision deciding whether or not to sue an insurance company, you can find help. It’s important to obtain guidance from a law firm that you can trust to help you throughout the process.

Are you wondering if you should pursue a lawsuit? Contact us today for a free legal consultation. We’ll give you a free estimate of your case value so you can make the best decision for you.

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