Do I Need To See A Doctor For Whiplash Injuries?

AUTHOR: A.J. Bruning | August 14, 2015
Do I Need To See A Doctor For Whiplash Injuries?

You are driving down the road, but you start to slow your speed in anticipation of the traffic light that stands at the end of the lane. The car behind you continues at a speed greater then what you are driving. It only takes a few seconds for your day to dramatically change as the car behind you rams into your bumper. The rear-end collision’s impact propels your body forward, but your head remains in place, posing a serious threat to your neck to sustain a whiplash injury.

What is Whiplash? Car Accidents MO

Whiplash is a form of neck strain caused by any impact or blow that jerks a person’s head forward or backward with significant force.1 Damage to the muscles or bands of tissue that connect the muscle to the bone creates the neck strain. The symptoms of whiplash include pain, decreased range of motion, tightness, knotted muscles, tenderness, and headaches at the base of the skull toward the forehead.2 These symptoms may take time to develop, but the actual injury occurs very shortly after impact, approximately 150 milliseconds.3 According to research by Yale University, the cervical spine undergoes what is known as a S-shaped curve rather than the normal C-shaped curve during a whiplash inducing car accident since the spine is moved beyond its normal range of motion.4

Whiplash Injuries Present a Necessity for an Official Diagnosis

There are common misconceptions about whiplash injuries that make seeking a doctor’s advice very important after any car accident. To sustain a neck strain does not require high speed impact, because most whiplash injuries are caused by low speed, low impact, rear-end collisions. The second misconception is the extent of the side-effects and danger caused by a whiplash injury. Though whiplash injuries involve soft tissue and can take several days to appear, they can present long-term pain and serious symptoms.5 The first risk is that what appears to the untrained eye as nausea or dizziness can in fact be signs of a concussion.6 There are self-treatments for some of the symptoms such as painkillers or icing your neck, but only through a doctors examination and recommendation can you receive the proper medicine, X-rays, CT scans, or other tests to determine the extent of injuries.7 Thus, due to the seriousness and consequences of car accident-related whiplash injuries, seeking medical advice is essential. Also, since whiplash injuries coincide with costly tests, treatments, and recovery expenses, a doctor’s diagnosis can aid in liability suits and seeking appropriate compensation.

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