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Although whiplash from car accidents is something pretty much everyone has heard about, only those who have actually suffered from a whiplash injury can understand the extent of it. Severe pain, bruising, stiffness, dizziness, nausea, and extensive damage to the soft tissues of the neck are all common when the head is whipped back and forth in a whiplash injury. To make matters worse, whiplash may not even be noticeable for several hours or even days after the accident – making it easy to accidentally injure yourself further.

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At The Bruning Law Firm, our knowledgeable St. Louis whiplash lawyers know how serious this injury is ─ and how complicated it can be to prove. We have spent our careers successfully fighting for the rights of injured people, and our firm is recognized for its commitment to recovering maximum compensation for clients. Our car accident injury attorneys have earned a place in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Top 100 Trial Lawyers organization, and we are ready to put our sharp legal skills to work for you.

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Let Us Help You Pursue Maximum Compensation for Whiplash Injuries in a Car Accident

If you have suffered whiplash injuries in a car crash, our auto accident attorneys can help you fight for compensation from any parties that may be held responsible ─ including your auto insurer, the insurer of the driver who hit you, and any other parties whose negligence may have contributed to the accident.

To determine what full and fair compensation will look like for your injury, we will estimate:

  • Cost of medical bills, including doctor’s visits, X-rays or other tests, rehabilitative therapy, and prescription medication or medical devices.
  • Lost wages, if your injuries prevent you from working or force you to work less.
  • Damage to your vehicle or loss of valuable property that was in your vehicle.
  • Pain and suffering caused by the whiplash injuries – which can be severe.
  • Punitive damages, which may be considered if the at-fault party was particularly reckless.

After a serious car accident, an insurance company may try to jump in and offer you a settlement before you know the extent of your damages. It’s important that you talk to a knowledgeable St. Louis whiplash lawyer before signing anything with an insurance company.

What Causes Whiplash in a MO Car Accident?

Whiplash injuries occur when the head is thrown backward and forward with force at a high speed. The quick “whipping” or “snapping” motion of the head can cause damage to the bones and cartilage in the spine, the ligaments that attach the muscles to the bones, muscle tissue, nerves, and other soft tissues in the neck.

Car accidents are one of the top three causes of whiplash, along with assault and sports injuries, according to the Mayo Clinic. Rear-end auto accidents are the most common type of crash that causes whiplash, although front-end collisions and some other types of crashes can also cause the injury.

What Are the Symptoms and Treatments for Whiplash?

Most people who suffer whiplash injuries know something is wrong because of the pain. You may have increased pain that comes when you move your head side to side or front to back, or you may feel like you have to avoid any position in which the head is not supported by a pillow or headrest. Headaches that start at the base of the skull and radiate toward the forehead are also indicative of whiplash.

If you are diagnosed with a whiplash injury, your doctor may recommend several options for your treatment. Common recommendations include:

  • A neck brace or collar, if your doctor prescribes one. Take care to use this only as long as your doctor recommends.
  • Medications, such as anti-inflammatory medication or pain and muscle relaxants, may be recommended or prescribed to help manage the pain of whiplash.
  • Ice to reduce pain and swelling, which can be done several times a day. Ask your doctor about the best way to use ice or cold packs to help your injuries.
  • Warm, moist heat to relax stiffness ─ your doctor can give you advice on when to switch from cold to heat.
  • Other treatments, such as massage, ultrasound, or physical therapy, may also be recommended.

It is vital to follow your doctor’s instructions for treating your condition, to keep all your medical appointments, and to ask questions if you are confused about what to do or if you think you are not getting better. Doing so maximizes your chances at healing fully, helps you catch any undiagnosed problems more quickly, and builds a record you can use to establish your full claim for compensation.

Whiplash can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to heal. It can also pose complications that lead to chronic pain, which may last for months or years after the injury occurs. Your doctor can tell you what to expect during the healing process, based on the severity of your specific symptoms.

With a whiplash injury, it is also important to talk to your doctor about a possible concussion or other traumatic brain injuries. The forces that cause whiplash can easily cause a concussion as well. A CT scan of your brain can help doctors diagnose or rule out traumatic brain injuries.

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