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Medical malpractice can happen anywhere, whether you are seeing your general physician or are in the emergency room. Patients in the Metro Area have many world-class options for medical treatment, including Barnes-Jewish, Children’s Hospital, MoBap, and the Mercy Health network. However, even top-rated facilities can see patients suffering preventable complications due to medical negligence.

A Creve Coeur medical malpractice lawyer from The Bruning Law Firm will seek justice for you or a loved one affected by medical malpractice. We’ve won for medical malpractice victims before, and we’ll work hard to win for you.

Types of Medical Malpractice That May Warrant Legal Action

Medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the United States. Even when a medical error is not deadly, it can cause life-changing injuries, chronic symptoms, and significantly diminished quality of life.

Medicine is complicated, so there is a virtually endless list of issues that can arise in any given scenario. A medical professional must minimize the risk of harm at every turn, and failure to do so may constitute medical malpractice.

Your medical malpractice lawyer from The Bruning Law Firm will identify any errors that have caused you harm, including:

Failure to Diagnose

The average doctor visit in the United States lasts 20 minutes, but some statistics will indicate you’re likely to get far less facetime than that. Many doctors have a financial incentive to see as many patients as possible in a day, which can lead to serious problems, including failure to diagnose medical conditions.

A patient’s health must always come first. Doctors who rush patients out of their office may fail to diagnose a serious medical condition and may be held liable for their failure.

Improper Diagnosis

An improper diagnosis may have a devastating effect on a patient’s health.

When a doctor issues the wrong diagnosis, they may:

  • Give the patient a false sense of hope that they are working towards a medical solution
  • Allow the actual, undiagnosed condition to worsen
  • Recommend unnecessary treatment

If a doctor is not certain about the diagnosis they issue, it is their duty to inform the patient. Then, patients can seek another medical opinion if they deem it necessary.

Recommending Unnecessary Treatment

A medical professional may recommend unnecessary treatment for several reasons. They may be basing their treatment course on an inaccurate diagnosis, lack the knowledge necessary to issue a proper treatment plan, or simply be distracted, confused, or otherwise unfit when they make the treatment plan.

Unnecessary treatment can:

  • Cost the patient money
  • Expose the patient to unnecessary discomfort
  • Cause additional medical issues
  • Have other significant and adverse consequences

Patients take their doctors’ recommendations seriously. Therefore, a doctor must carefully weigh their words before recommending anything to their patient. If a medical professional recommended treatment that you later found unnecessary, that person may be liable for all resulting damages.

Surgical Errors

Catastrophic surgical errors happen more often than many people know.

Doctors who are tired, rushed, or given improper information may:

  • Perform the wrong medical procedure
  • Operate on the wrong location on a patient
  • Make errors during surgery
  • Leave medical equipment or foreign objects inside of a patient

Anesthesia errors are another type of surgical issue that can have serious consequences. Surgical errors can produce physical pain, lasting psychological trauma, and other severe damages.

Causing a Birth Injury

Birth injuries are particularly tragic, as a child has not even had a chance to live before they’ve suffered some type of trauma. If a medical professional directly caused or failed to prevent your child’s birth injury, we’ll work to hold them accountable.

A doctor or other medical professional may increase the likelihood of a birth injury by:

  • Failing to diagnose a prenatal condition
  • Failing to monitor the mother and child’s health during labor
  • Failing to order an emergency C-section delivery
  • Failing to exercise thoroughness and caution at every stage of the pregnancy and delivery

We are lawyers, but we work directly with medical experts to understand why our clients have suffered harm. We’ll strive to get justice for you and any loved ones affected by medical malpractice in Creve Coeur.

Medical Professionals Have a Duty of Care to Every Patient They Serve

A medical professional must act as any other reasonable practitioner should in a given circumstance. A professional who fails to act reasonably puts the patient at risk and may be liable for medical malpractice.

Should I Hire The Bruning Law Firm for a Medical Malpractice Case?

Personal Injury Law Firm STL

We advise hiring an attorney for a medical malpractice case, though it is completely up to you. Our attorneys have ample experience and an unrivaled dedication to our clients, and we will fight for the compensation you deserve.

You may choose The Bruning Law Firm to lead your medical malpractice case in Creve Coeur because:

  • We have an office in Creve Coeur, ensuring that our legal services are convenient for you.
  • We have obtained many substantial case results for our clients, proving that we can deliver justice in the most high-stakes cases.
  • Our clients come first, and we provide excellent communication, frequent case updates, and full-service representation.
  • We fight for every dollar that you are entitled to.
  • We provide complete financial support, asking for no upfront compensation and covering every case-related expense.

The Bruning Law Firm has earned a positive reputation among our former clients. Our testimonials depict a hardworking, results-oriented, and client-centered law firm. We are part of the Creve Coeur community, and it breaks our hearts when medical professionals cause harm to members of our community.

Let The Bruning Law Firm team lend its experience and legal resources to you.

What if I Don’t Hire an Attorney?

If you deserve money for a medical malpractice case but don’t hire a lawyer, you should know the huge risks you face.

Here’s what makes hiring an attorney the right decision:

  • Medical malpractice cases involve supremely complex medical and legal technicalities: Perhaps more so than any other civil case type, medical malpractice cases involve complicated concepts and terminology. Our attorneys are familiar with the challenges of medical malpractice cases, as are our experts. You may not be familiar, though, making it difficult or impossible for you to complete your case on your own.
  • Your fragile mental and physical health: Our clients come to us for help because they’re injured, sick, or mourning the loss of a loved one. They often cannot handle the responsibility of a medical malpractice lawsuit, either physically or psychologically.
  • You may not know the legal process: Even if you are familiar with medical concepts, you may not be familiar with legal concepts. Completing lawsuits is like second nature to our attorneys, who work daily to get justice for our clients.
  • You may already face financial pressure: The cost of pursuing your case alone will only add to your existing financial hardship, and you might not have the necessary resources. The Bruning Law Firm will cover all case-related expenses, ensuring you do not face the direct cost of completing your case.
  • A second pair of eyes never hurts: Your attorney will serve several roles, including advisor, legal servant, protector, and second pair of eyes. We’ll take the lead in your case and remain available to answer your questions, address your concerns, and brainstorm about your case. You aren’t alone.

A lawyer from The Bruning Law Firm may be a great comfort to you. Better yet, we may recover the compensation you need to cover damages and move forward with your life.

How The Bruning Law Firm Will Assist You?

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A medical malpractice lawyer from The Bruning Law Firm will lead your case from start to finish. We generally assist medical malpractice victims by:

Documenting the Malpractice

We will gather all evidence that suggests you are the victim of malpractice. The evidence we use differs in each case.

In every medical malpractice case, however, we complete a detailed investigation of:

  • What types of malpractice took place
  • Who engaged in behaviors that qualify as malpractice
  • Who allowed the malpractice to happen
  • The direct consequences of the malpractice

We will work to leave no doubt about who is liable for your malpractice-related damages.

Hiring Experts to Bolster the Case

The opinions of experts (who may be medical professionals in their own right) can carry great weight in a medical malpractice case. We’ll hire any experts who strengthen your case, and we’ll charge nothing upfront for these expenses.

Calculating and Documenting Damages

The Bruning Law Firm will calculate the cost of your damages, documenting those damages along the way.

Documentation may include:

  • Images of any injuries caused by medical errors
  • Doctors’ diagnoses of injuries or illnesses that have worsened because of failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis
  • Proof of any income you’ve lost due to malpractice
  • A mental health expert’s opinion of your pain and suffering
  • Any other documentation that helps prove your damages

Just as damages vary from one medical malpractice case to the next, documentation of those damages varies too. Your attorney will secure any documentation that proves the cost of medical malpractice.

Demanding That Liable Medical Professionals Compensate You

The Bruning Law Firm will lead settlement negotiations for you. By the time we enter settlement discussions, we will know exactly how much compensation you deserve. That is exactly how much compensation we will demand.

Medical professionals and their employers typically have legal counsel when facing a medical malpractice claim. These lawyers will likely rebuff our demands, but we won’t back down.

Taking Your Case to Court, if Necessary

If liable parties do not offer the settlement you deserve, we’ll take your case to court. Our attorneys often get settlements, so a trial is not always necessary. However, we relish the chance to fight for our clients in the courtroom when necessary.

Recoverable Damages for Medical Malpractice Victims

Our goal is to get fair compensation for each of your malpractice-related damages, which may include:

  • Pain and suffering: Whether you suffered a surgical error, have a worsened condition because of an inaccurate diagnosis, or experienced another type of medical malpractice, you’ve had pain and suffering. This can include physical pain, emotional distress, and various other types of non-economic harm.
  • Medical expenses: Any medical expenses resulting from malpractice should be recoverable. This includes unnecessary care, procedures based on an improper diagnosis, and care to correct the effects of medical malpractice.
  • Professional damages: Medical malpractice can cost a victim income, promotions, bonuses, productivity, and the fulfillment that many jobs provide. We’ll determine the cost of all professional damages caused by a medical professional’s negligence.

In serious cases, medical malpractice can be disabling and even fatal. We’ll identify all damages caused by a disability or the tragic loss of a loved one.

Our Fee Structure Protects You from Further Financial Stress

We have designed our fee structure intentionally. We want every victim of medical malpractice to have access to our legal services.

For this reason, The Bruning Law Firm:

  • Takes no upfront fee
  • Covers the cost of hiring experts, filing your case, and completing every other step in the legal process
  • Pays the cost of any necessary trial
  • Only gets a fee if we get a settlement or judgment for you

As a client, this structure provides numerous benefits. You will never have to pay for our legal services out of your own pocket. Even if we earn our fee, it will come from the recovery we get for you.

Hiring an attorney should be a source of relief, not of further financial pressure. Our fee structure reflects this.

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