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Trucks far outweigh the typical passenger vehicle, posing a great risk of serious injury and death when the two types of vehicles collide. If you suffered injuries or a loved one lost their life because of a truck accident, a Creve Coeur truck accident lawyer from The Bruning Law Firm will fight for the compensation you deserve.

Our firm has years of experience and is familiar with the unique challenges of highly complex truck accident cases. We will manage every detail of your case. You focus on your physical recovery, and we will handle everything else.

Why Choose The Bruning Law Firm for a Truck Accident Claim?

Truck accident cases are unique and present several challenges that don’t exist in certain other matters. Our attorneys are familiar with these cases, and we’re ready to complete yours as efficiently as possible.

Creve Coeur Truck Accident Lawyer

You may choose our team to represent you because:

  • Truck accident cases are an important practice area for The Bruning Law Firm: We understand the unique considerations that these cases present, including the need to preserve evidence in a trucking company’s possession, which we will do with a letter of spoliation. The details of the trucking industry, truck components, and other important considerations are not lost on us.
  • We have earned a reputation for client service: Our clients are the priority, and your best interests will guide every decision we make. Endorsements from our former clients prove that when we accept your case, we treat you right and fight for every dollar you deserve.
  • We have a physical presence in Creve Coeur: You won’t ever have to worry about getting ahold of your lawyer. Not only do we provide your attorney’s phone number and remain in frequent contact, but we also have an office in Creve Coeur.
  • We have results: Knowing that a law firm can deliver results in high-stakes cases is vital. Our track record leaves no doubt. We have secured settlements and verdicts totaling more than $100 million, including several multi-million-dollar recoveries.
  • We will do everything in our power to win for you: Our goal is not just to get a settlement or verdict for you. We aim to get the entire financial recovery that your damages entitle you to. Because trucks can cause serious accidents, you may be entitled to a significant financial recovery. Whether through settlement negotiations or at trial, The Bruning Law Firm will fight for full compensation of your damages.

If you want a law firm that shows genuine care and concern, and fights for its clients, choose a truck accident lawyer from The Bruning Law Firm.

Unique Challenges in Truck Accident Cases That We Are Ready to Overcome for You

In some simple car crash claims, a plaintiff may think they might be comfortable representing themselves in an insurance claim or lawsuit. However, this should never be the case in a truck claim.

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Truck accident cases tend to be far more challenging than most because:

  • Trucking companies will put up a fight: The typical trucking company manages large fleets, and accidents are inevitable. When a truck accident does happen, expect the liable trucking company to defend itself. The liable company likely has a legal team ready to go, and you should have the same.
  • Complex trucking regulations: If a trucker or trucking company violated federal trucking regulations, this can be relevant to your case. Such rules are complex, and violations are more common than you might imagine.
  • Trucks are complicated vehicles: When analyzing why the truck accident happened, we’ll need to be familiar with the components of a truck and related terminology. Because we regularly handle truck accident cases and work with experts in the field, we have the knowledge necessary to complete your case.

With The Bruning Law Firm leading your case, you don’t have to worry about these challenges. We’ll handle every step of the process, challenges and all.

We Know Why Truck Accidents Happen in Creve Coeur

Because The Bruning Law Firm has an office in Creve Coeur and serves the entire St. Louis Metro area, we understand the problem areas for truck accidents.

Highways are generally high-risk areas for truck accidents, including:

  • I-44
  • I-70
  • I-64
  • I-270
  • I-170
  • I-55

With so many interstates crisscrossing throughout St. Louis County, the potential for a semi-truck crash is high.

However, a truck accident can happen anywhere in the St. Louis Metro area - not only on interstate highways. With increased online shopping since the pandemic, you can see more and more large trucks in residential neighborhoods throughout the Creve Coeur area. Moreover, stores like Schnucks and Dierbergs need trucks to deliver inventory regularly to keep the shelves stocked.

When Truck Accidents Cause Harm, The Bruning Law Firm Fights for Victims

The period after a truck accident can be immensely confusing and chaotic. When you hire The Bruning Law Firm to take over your case, you allow yourself to prioritize your recovery.

By letting our firm manage every detail of your lawsuit, you can spare yourself the potential stress and concern that a truck accident case may cause. Our team is ready and willing to seek the compensation you deserve, so call us as soon as possible.

What Are Recoverable Damages in a Truck Accident Case?

Occupants of passenger vehicles are at the greatest risk in truck accidents. Injuries and death are two likely outcomes when a truck strikes a smaller vehicle, and these outcomes may cause:

Pain and Suffering

Any motor vehicle accident can cause pain and suffering.

Especially severe accidents, including truck crashes, may cause:

  • Physical pain
  • Emotional anguish
  • Psychological distress
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Depression
  • Lost quality of life
  • Disability-related problems

The Bruning Law Firm works with mental health professionals to understand our clients’ conditions and symptoms. We’ll get formal diagnoses for any psychological or emotional conditions that have resulted from your truck accident.

Lost Income

Injuries from your truck accident may cost you income, earning power, potential promotions, performance bonuses, benefits, and professional status. If injuries force you to miss a significant amount of work, you may also lose the fulfillment that your job provided.

Property Damage

You should get compensation for damage to your vehicle, electronics, clothing, and any other property damaged during your truck accident.

Medical Costs

Truck accident victims may require:

  • Emergency medical transport
  • Emergency medical care
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Medical imaging
  • Medications
  • Specialist appointments
  • Rehabilitation

Our team will seek compensation to cover your present and future medical bills.

Damages Specific to a Fatal Truck Accident

If your loved one passed away from injuries they suffered in a truck accident, we first extend our sympathies to you and your loved ones. Our firm can help you seek justice for the accident, as civil cases are one way to get accountability for a loved one’s wrongful death.

If we lead your wrongful death case, we’ll consider damages including:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of spousal companionship
  • Loss of parental guidance
  • Loss of financial support
  • Loss of household services

Wrongful death cases from truck accidents often involve medical expenses, pain and suffering, and property damages. Our team frequently represents wrongful death victims in the St. Louis metro area, and we will handle your case with the respect and privacy it deserves.

Services The Bruning Law Firm Will Provide for Your Truck Accident Case

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From the moment you call us about your case, we put ourselves in your shoes. We know that you are likely in pain, facing financial hardship, and in need of a monetary recovery as soon as possible. We’ll handle your case with due urgency, and we will:

Determine Liability for Your Truck Accident

Negligent parties don’t typically try to harm others but act in a way that can cause harm to others. This is enough to make someone liable for a truck accident.

Liable parties in your case may include:

  • A truck driver (if driver error caused your accident)
  • A trucking company (which is generally liable when a driver causes an accident)
  • A municipality (if dangerous road conditions caused the accident)
  • A truck or trailer manufacturer (if some type of defect contributed to your accident)

Trucking companies and truck drivers must ensure the safety of their equipment before driving, as well as abide by other regulations. Our team will investigate your case and determine who owes you compensation for your damages.

Secure Evidence

We’ll collect all evidence that supports your case for compensation, which may include:

  • Black box data from the truck involved in your accident
  • Witness accounts of the accident
  • A police report documenting your accident
  • Video footage of the collision
  • Photographs of damage to your vehicle

The more evidence we can secure, the more confident we may be during settlement negotiations.

Document and Calculate Damages

We will also prove which damages you have suffered because of your truck accident. Medical bills, images of your injuries, doctors’ diagnoses, invoices for vehicle repairs, past pay records, and other documentation will help us prove the cost of your accident.

Work With Experts

Experts can bolster an already strong truck accident case.

We may hire experts to fill several roles, including:

  • Testifying about your damages
  • Testifying about liability in your accident
  • Testifying about the exact cause of your accident
  • Reconstructing your truck accident

Our experts come at no additional cost to you. We’ll hire them if we think they can help your case, and we will cover their fees.

Explore Settlement Offers

The Bruning Law Firm will negotiate a settlement on your behalf. Once we secure an offer, we’ll contact you and explain what the offer is. We’ll also advise you on whether we believe the offer is fair.

Liable parties rarely offer fair compensation without putting up a fight. Our team will put forth a robust negotiation, standing firm behind our calculation of your damages.

Complete Any Necessary Trial

If your case leads to trial, The Bruning Law Firm will use all of our resources to fight for you in court. While we will work hard to settle your case, going to trial is the right option in some truck accident cases.

We Will Advise You Through Every Step of Your Truck Accident Case

Make no mistake: The Bruning Law Firm team will take care of every step in your truck accident case. You can recover from your injuries in peace; we will complete your case from start to finish.

However, it is your case. We’ll make sure that you are always aware of where the legal process stands, and we’ll advise you when a decision is necessary. Such decisions may include whether to give recorded statements, whether to accept a settlement offer, and whether to take your case to trial.

Is There a Deadline for Filing a Truck Accident Case in Missouri?

We may face a deadline for filing your truck accident case. Missouri Code § 516.120 generally requires that we file a truck accident case within five years of the accident, assuming the accident is not fatal. The statute of limitations is generally shorter for filing a fatal truck accident case.

If we do not file your case by the deadline, we may be unable to file your case at all. This is a missed opportunity to fight for the compensation you deserve.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire The Bruning Law Firm?

There is no upfront or direct cost to hire The Bruning Law Firm for your truck accident case in Creve Coeur.

Instead, we:

  • Pay for all case-related expenses out of our firm’s coffers
  • Ask you for no upfront compensation
  • Agree to accept a percentage of any financial recovery we get for you (that is our firm’s fee)
  • Agree not to receive any compensation from you unless we win your case

If we don’t win for you, you don’t pay us a cent.

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AJ Bruning, ​ Truck Accident Lawyer in Creve Coeur

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