Creve Coeur Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one suffered a spinal cord injury in Creve Coeur, contact The Bruning Law Firm. We will seek compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, professional damages, and any other damages caused by the injury and the circumstances that caused the injury.

A Creve Coeur spinal cord injury lawyer from our team will demand the maximum financial recovery you deserve. Spinal cord injuries are notoriously expensive let our experienced legal team fight for the settlement that liable parties owe you.

Why Choose The Bruning Law Firm to Seek Compensation for a Spinal Cord Injury?

A spinal cord injury requires your complete attention. At the same time, you may be entitled to a substantial financial recovery to help with medical bills and other damages. You can hire The Bruning Law Firm to lead your legal case, keeping your focus on treatment, rehabilitation, and adapting to life with a spinal cord injury.

​Creve Coeur Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Those with spinal cord injuries in Creve Coeur can trust The Bruning Law Firm with their case because:

  • We have successfully represented clients with spinal cord injuries in the St. Louis Metro area: Our familiarity with spinal cord injury cases has prepared us to represent you. We know what to expect from a spinal cord injury case, including the potential pitfalls we may face in your case. Our team will approach your case with a legal strategy that we base on our prior experiences in similar cases.
  • We maintain an office in Creve Coeur: Because we have a physical presence here, we are familiar with the local area. This can be advantageous when investigating and documenting your injuries. We’ll also provide in-person legal services thanks to our proximity to you.
  • Our former clients praise our legal approach: We have strong endorsements from our former clients. These testimonials carry great weight because clients have a firsthand perspective of a law firm’s effectiveness and client service.
  • Our case results prove our ability to win substantial compensation: The Bruning Law Firm has secured many multi-million-dollar settlements and verdicts for our clients. Our results include a $1.4 million recovery for a client who required significant spinal surgery.
  • We treat every client with respect: We provide regular updates, handle each case with urgency, and show respect and compassion every time we speak with a client. Expect to be treated like a family member when you hire The Bruning Law Firm.

Our firm meets the criteria that anyone should seek when hiring a spinal cord injury lawyer. We’ll go the extra mile to get the financial recovery you deserve.

How The Bruning Law Firm Will Seek Fair Compensation for Your Spinal Cord Injury

We craft a personalized legal plan for each case we handle.

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We take on many responsibilities in most of our cases, though, including:

  • Documenting the client’s damages: In your case, we can secure a written diagnosis of your spinal cord injury, medical bills, invoices for medical equipment, home updates, and other expenses, and proof of lost income. If any other documentation helps prove your damages, we’ll collect it.
  • Securing evidence of liability: The evidence we gather will depend on how your spinal cord injury happened. For a motor vehicle accident case, we’ll seek vehicle footage of the collision, a police report, and witness accounts. We tailor our investigation to your case.
  • Calculating the cost of your damages: We will calculate the cost of both present and future damages. For those without legal experience, calculating non-economic damages (like pain and suffering) can be difficult. For our team, it is routine. Let us determine how much compensation you deserve and fight for that financial recovery.
  • Fighting for the settlement you deserve: A spinal cord injury lawyer from The Bruning Law Firm will lead settlement discussions for you. We’ll meet with representatives for those liable for your injury. Our team will present our calculation of damages, evidence of negligence, and documentation of your damages.
  • Going to trial, if necessary: Our firm takes spinal cord injury cases to court when it is in our client’s best interests. Generally, a trial is necessary only when liable parties fail to offer the settlement you deserve. We’ll update you throughout the legal process, and we’ll discuss the possibility of a trial with you before going to court.

The Bruning Law Firm knows that those with spinal cord injuries need financial relief as soon as possible. We will keep this in mind, but we will never settle for less compensation than you deserve.

Types of Spinal Cord Injury Cases The Bruning Law Firm Handles

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) explains that the leading causes of spinal cord injuries are:

  1. Motor vehicle accidents
  2. Falls
  3. Violent acts
  4. Sports accidents

The Bruning Law Firm frequently represents victims of car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents. We also represent those injured in slip-and-fall accidents, trip-and-fall accidents, and workplace accidents.

If you or your loved one suffered a spinal cord injury in these or any other circumstances in Creve Coeur, The Bruning Law Firm will lead your case from start to finish.

The High Cost of Spinal Cord Injuries and Your Recoverable Damages

In the most serious cases, living with a spinal cord injury can cost more than $1 million in a single year. This means that a spinal cord injury is among the most serious and costly you can suffer. A spinal cord injury lawyer from The Bruning Law Firm will work to recover the compensation you deserve for your injury.

Damages we may seek compensation for in your case include:

Medical Expenses

Several medical services may need to treat a spinal cord injury, including:

  • Imaging services, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerized tomography (CT) scans, and X-rays
  • Spinal realignment
  • Surgery
  • Insertion of a breathing tube
  • Several forms of rehabilitation

A spinal cord injury victim may also need to be hospitalized, especially in the immediate aftermath of their injury. Medical expenses for a spinal cord injury can quickly add up and may be well beyond what you can pay.

Caregiving Costs

Someone with a spinal cord injury may be unable to care for themselves.

This may require:

  • The hiring of a full- or part-time caregiver
  • A loved one quit their career to care for an individual with the spinal cord injury
  • Other caregiving arrangements

In any case, caring for someone with a spinal cord injury will come at a cost.

The Cost of Making a Home Disability-Friendly

Liable parties may have to cover the cost of installing ramps and other disability-friendly features in the injured party’s home. The injured party may also need a new vehicle that suits their disability.

Lost Income and Other Professional Damages

Both the person with a spinal cord injury and anyone who modifies their career to care for them may suffer:

  • Lost income
  • Lost bonuses
  • Lost promotions
  • Diminished earning power
  • Lost productivity
  • Loss of professional fulfillment

The Bruning Law Firm can determine the exact cost of such professional damages in your case.

Pain and Suffering

Suicide rates are far higher in spinal cord injury victims than the general population.

This hints at the degree of pain and suffering that spinal cord injuries cause, with specific symptoms including:

  • Physical pain
  • Profound psychological and emotional distress (especially when victims lose physical abilities)
  • Lost quality of life
  • Suicidal thoughts

A spinal cord injury can have a truly devastating effect on one’s life. It can also cause great pain for loved ones affected by the injury, including those who provide caregiving services.

Spinal cord injuries happen in a wide range of circumstances. You may have additional damages based on the circumstances of your injury. For example, if a spinal cord injury resulted from a car accident, we can seek compensation for the victim’s vehicule damage.

Our attorneys calculate the client’s damages in every case we handle. We are very familiar with how to calculate a fair settlement value for both economic and non-economic damages. The Bruning Law Firm will ensure that, before we begin settlement negotiations, we have accounted for all of your accident-related damages.

Understand the Potential Risk of Not Hiring an Experienced Attorney

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Some individuals may try to seek compensation for a spinal cord injury without hiring a lawyer. While this is your right, it may not be the right decision.

Potential risks of leading a spinal cord injury case on your own include:

  • Further endangering your health: Those with spinal cord injuries are in an uncertain physical condition. These individuals may not be capable of leading a lawsuit. If they or their loved one do lead their lawsuit without an attorney, it can lead to physical and psychological problems beyond their spinal cord injury.
  • Putting forth a weak case: Our attorneys have one job, and that is to get fair financial recoveries for our clients. Your time, on the other hand, will be largely dedicated to recovery. Because your time is likely scarce, any case that you handle on your own can be a weak one.
  • Financial losses: Our law firm will cover case-related expenses, sparing you from having to pay those costs yourself. If you don’t have an attorney, all case-related costs will be yours to pay.

From our experience to our versatile roster of attorneys to our financial support, The Bruning Law Firm offers much to spinal cord injury victims. We will use all of our willpower and resources to seek the best possible outcome for your case in Creve Coeur.

Our Fee Structure Protects You Financially

Our contingency fee structure benefits our clients.

We protect you financially by:

  • Asking for zero upfront compensation from you
  • Charging no flat fee or hourly rate for our services
  • Agreeing to take a percentage of any financial recovery that we get for you

Our fee is tied to our performance in your case. If we negotiate a settlement or win a verdict at trial, we will receive a percentage of the recovery. If you don’t get compensation, we don’t collect a fee.

Remember that The Bruning Law Firm will also cover filing fees, expert fees, and all other case-related costs. We will never ask you to repay these costs—our fee reflects the risk we take on our clients’ behalf.

Our attorneys are familiar with statutes of limitations in spinal cord injury cases. Missouri Code § 516.120 generally requires that we file a personal injury lawsuit within five years of someone suffering a spinal cord injury.

While five years may seem like a long period of time, we have seen countless individuals wait too long to get legal help. This deadline can expire before the plaintiff can file their case, in which case the victim may not seek compensation for their damages.

As soon as you hire The Bruning Law Firm, we will get started on your case. We’ll work to file your lawsuit as quickly as possible. Your lawyer will also begin seeking evidence, as the evidence-gathering process also requires urgency.

AJ Bruning, ​Creve Coeur Pedestrian Accident Lawyer
AJ Bruning, ​Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer in Creve Coeur

Call The Bruning Law Firm Today for a Free Consultation About Your Spinal Cord Injury

Catastrophic injuries often warrant large financial recoveries. The cost of living with a spinal cord injury might be bankrupt if you fail to get financial relief. personal injury lawyer in Creve Coeur at The Bruning Law Firm will work to get the financial relief you deserve.

Unfortunately, people with life-changing spinal injuries often face a long road to both medical and financial recovery. Your life should not be harder because insurance companies undervalue the severity of your injury and its effects. You need an advocate who can demonstrate to insurance companies what you deserve to make you whole.

Call The Bruning Law Firm today at (314) 266-6950 or contact us through our website for your free consultation. We are available around the clock to answer your call, and there is no fee or obligation when you speak with our team.

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